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Employment Reference Thank You Letter Example


Employment Reference Thank You Letter Example
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If you're searching for a job, it's likely that you have been providing references on numerous occasions. Now that more employers than ever are actually contacting references, it's especially important to reach out and thank your references for taking the time to speak on your behalf.

Here is an example of a reference letter saying thank you for a reference for employment. This letter also updates the reference provider on the status of the candidate's job application.

Employment Reference Thank You Letter Example

Subject Line: Reference Greg Doubleday

Annabelle Felina
Kitty Cat Lane
City, State, Zip

Mike Paisley
General Manager
Catco, Inc.
Chipmunk Place
City, State, Zip

July 1, 20XX

Dear Mr. Paisley,

It has been a pleasure working for you for the last five years. I really appreciate the recommendation you sent to Ms. Smithers at the ABC Company.

In my second phone interview, she said that she had received it, and that she felt that your confidence in me would be helpful when I interview in person next week with the General Manager.

I will miss working with you and the team at Catco, but the opportunity for my husband in New City was not something we felt we could pass up at this time.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this transitional time for my family.

Fond Regards,


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