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Tips for Building Your Professional Brand


Tips for Building Your Professional Brand
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Building a professional brand is necessary in this competitive job market. Job seekers need to have a professional online presence that can easily be found by hiring managers, recruiters, and career contacts. Here are some tips on how to notch up your online presence.

Use the Same Photo

Use the same photo on all the networking sites, web sites, and blogs that you use. For example, if you're using LinkedIn and Facebook, and/or have a blog or a personal web site, upload the same photo to each site. That visual effect will help build your brand and will help increase your recognition by prospective employers and career contacts.

Here's advice on how to take and choose a photo for your LinkedIn profile. Use that same photo on all your networking sites so the brand you are presenting is consistent.

Here are examples of what I've done:

Use Your Name

One goal of personal branding is to increase your presence in the search engines. So, when you (or prospective employers) search Google, Yahoo or the other search engines, your results rank high. Using your name as your URL whenever possible will help you bolster your rankings.

Get Mileage Out of Your LinkedIn Profile
The links section of your profile is a good way to provide even more information to potential employers and to your contacts. I have links to my company web site, my blog, and my About.com site. Linking to those sites from your profile will also help with search engine placement.

Building Your Professional Brand
More advice on how to create a professional brand, along with an online presence to help with your job searching and career building.

Professional Branding Tools

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