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Where to Cash a Paycheck

Locations That Provide Paycheck Cashing Services


Where to Cash a Paycheck

Paychecks can be cashed at many retail stores.

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If you are one of the 10 million Americans, according to an FDIC survey, who don't have a bank account there are other options available for cashing your paycheck. You can find check cashing kiosks in many retail and convenience stores. Many provide 24 hour, 7 day a week check cashing services. Here's how to cash a paycheck.

Where to Cash Your Paycheck

You may be able to cash the check through the bank which your employer has utilized to issue the check. If there's a local branch, you can stop in and ask if they will cash the check.

Check cashing services are available at many Walmart stores for a small fee. Walmart cashes payroll checks, government checks, tax checks and money orders for up to and including $5000. Check cashing is available at participating 7-Eleven locations with Vcom® kiosks. Circle K convenience stores cash payroll and government checks with a government issued photo ID.

Other retailers, especially grocery stores and some liquor stores, often cash paychecks. With grocery stores, you may need a store membership card in order to have check cashing privileges. In many cases, you will need to pay a fee to get your paycheck cashed.

Banks offer prepaid cards you can get without having to open a bank account. For example, Chase Liquid card holders can load cash and checks onto their card at an ATM or via an app on their phone. You can then use your card to withdraw money or make purchases. There is a monthly fee for the service.

Other banks offer paycheck cashing services to employers who bank with them. For example, HSBC's National Payroll Check Cashing Service enables employees to cash paychecks at thousands of retail locations in all 50 states. Check with your employer to see if they provide this or a similar service.

The most expensive option for cashing checks is a payday loan or check cashing store. Check cashing stores typically charge a percentage of the check and/or a flat fee.

Check Cashing Hours

Some retail check cashing locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Others may be only open when the store customer service center is open.

Options for receiving payment include cash or payment on a store card at some large retailers.

ID Needed to Cash a Check

In order to cash a check you will typically need to provide one or two forms of identification, including a picture ID, like a driver's license or state photo ID, for example. A government issued photo ID is the best identification to use.

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