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Part-Time Jobs

How to Find a Part-Time Job


I was lucky enough to get my first part-time job because my mom shopped several times a week in our local grocery store and she heard they needed staff. I worked part-time during high school, full-time during the summer, and during breaks from college. Two of my three brothers ended up working in the store, too. My other brother worked in the drug store across the street which, of course, was also frequented by my mom on a regular basis. More than a few years later, that's still one of the best ways to find a job, though I had never heard of the term "networking" back then.

Apply in Person

Interested in retail employment? One of the best ways to find a part-time retail job, if you don't have connections that can help, is by applying in person. Walk through your local town or the mall and you'll see Help Wanted signs in many storefront windows. If you don't see a sign, ask about openings. The same scenario applies to resort or seasonal employment. Applying in person is often the best mechanism for finding a job.

Students should visit their High School Guidance office or college Career Services and Student Employment offices to get listings of local part-time opportunities.

Part-Time Job Search Online

Start your online job search by visiting the sites that focus on part-time job opportunities. Searching Snagajob.com by type of position and location will generate a list of openings. There's also a list of national employers that hire part-time workers. Check the other part-time job sites as well. That way, you will review a broad spectrum of potential opportunities.

Visit the niche sites for industries like retail and hospitality that typically hire part-time workers. Then, search the job banks using "part-time", "part time" or "part time job" as keywords. Also search by the category of employment you're interested in. This will generate some more leads. Don't forget to check the Employment Services job listings for your state and the Help Wanted ads in your newspaper. Many papers have a separate section for part-time jobs. Small local papers like the Pennysaver usually have listings too.

Applying for a Part-Time Job

Next, make sure you dress appropriately, are ready to complete an application, and are prepared for an on-the-spot interview.

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