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How to Apply for a Part Time Job


Job Application

Applying for a part-time job is a little different from applying for a full-time professional position.

You should follow these basic rules:

Dress should be, at the least, neat and tidy. business casual is usually appropriate. For example, khakis and a neat polo shirt would work well. No jeans or shorts, no tank tops, crop tops or anything especially low cut (shirt or pants) or too short (skirt). "Muffin top" jeans or khakis, with your belly showing, should also be on your list of what not to wear when applying for a job.

Make sure your hair and fingernails are well groomed. Extreme hair styles or colors aren't going to help you get a job.

Wear moderate shoes. Don't wear spike heels, platforms, flip flops or old dirty sneakers.

If you have multiple piercings you might want to consider removing some of them while you are job searching.

Bring the information you'll need to fill out an application:

  • Schools and dates attended
  • Names and addresses of previous employers, if you have a worked before
  • Dates of employment
  • References (can be neighbors or teachers)
  • Resume (if you have one)

Know what days/hours you are available to work.

Be prepared for a brief on-the-spot interview.

Print out a sample job application, so you know what information you'll need to know while applying for a job.

If you have a resume, bring copies with you.

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