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How to Make a Resume Online

How to Make Online Resumes and Cover Letters


When you want to make an online resume, there are a variety of resources available including free online resume builder sites that will help you with writing and creating a resume, resume hosting, and using your resume to apply for jobs. 

Many of these sites also provide advice on how to make an online cover letter, along with offering resume and cover letter templates.  Here's information on how to make an online resume and a resume website, online cover letters, and video resumes.

How to Make an Online Resume

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There are a variety of alternatives for making an online resume, including resume sites where you can create a resume from scratch, upload your resume from you desktop, and store and share your resume online.

Here's advice on how to make an online resume, storing and posting your resume online, using free online resume sites, and using an online resume to apply for jobs.


Free Online Resume Builders

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Before you start using a resume builder, check to make sure that you know what options are included. Some free resume builders charge for printing or other services, others really are free. Check to make sure that you'll actually get a free printable resume.

Also check to make sure you can export or download a copy of the resume to your desktop in case you need to edit it or use it on another site.

Online Resume Builder Sites

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Resume builder options typically include printable resumes, exportable resumes, and online resumes you can download and/or share.  Here are online resume builders you can use to make an online resume and online cover letters.

Google Doc Resumes and Cover Letters

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Google Docs is a good (and free) choice for storing your resume and cover letters online.  Google Docs users can create resumes and cover letters from templates, upload files from their desktop, and edit and view files from their computer or smart phone. You can also share your documents with others.

Here's how to use Google Docs to make, store, and share resumes and cover letters.

How to Create a Professional Resume

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Even though resume builders and resume templates will help you write a resume, you still need to be able to clearly and concisely detail your employment history in your resume.

When you're making a resume online, it's a good idea to have at least a draft of your resume to work from. That way, you'll have your employment history outlined, along with job titles, dates of employment, and descriptions of your responsiblities to use in the online version of your resume.  Regardless of how you make a resume, your resume needs to measure up to the competition.

How to Make a Resume Website

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There are sites you can use to create a resume website.  When you make a resume website, you'll be able to create an online version of your resume, including graphics and, in some cases, video, to showcase your credentials. 

Some sites are free, others charge.  Check the details before you sign up, because some free resume websites charge extra for additional services.

How to Make a Video Resume

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How to create a professional video resume, tips for preparing a polished and professional video, where to upload it, and how to promote your video resume online.

How to Apply for Jobs Online

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Your resume is one part of the online job application process, but you'll also need to complete job applications, create accounts on job sites, and apply for open positions.

Here are tips for applying for jobs online, including online job applications, uploading a resume, online employment tests, and what you need to apply for a job online.

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