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Google Docs Resumes and Cover Letter Templates

How to Use Google Docs Templates


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It can be helpful to use a template to get started writing a resume and cover letters. Google Docs has a varity of free resume and cover letter templates job seekers can use as a starting point to create resumes and letters.

Google Docs Templates

In order to use a Google Docs template, you'll need to register if you don't have an account. To choose a template to use, first login to Google Docs. Or, you can choose a template first, then login to download it to your Google Docs.

Here's more on how to use Google Docs.

How to Use Google Docs Resumes and Cover Letters Templates

  • Click on Google Docs Resumes and Cover Letter Templates.
  • Select a template you like, and click on Use This Template.
  • The template will open in a new window.
  • Personalize the template with your information.
  • Click on Rename Document.
  • Name your resume with a file name that includes your name i.e. AlisonDoyleResume.doc.
  • Google Docs will automatically save your resume or you can click on Save Now to save a copy immediately.

Storing and Sharing Your Google Docs Resume

Once you have created a final version of your resume, you'll be able to store it on Google Docs, update it, use it to apply for jobs, and share it with hiring managers and recruiters. Here's how to store and share your resume online with Google Docs.

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Resume and Cover Letter Templates

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