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Pinterest Tips for Job Seekers

How to Use Pinterest When You're Job Searching


Pinterest Tips for Job Seekers
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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites and you can use it to enhance your job search as well as for personal pinning.

Well designed and pinned boards can provide a terrific visual to connections and prospective employers. Once you have set up Pinterest, you can add a link to your page from your LinkedIn and other online profiles, websites and blogs. You can also include a link to Pinterest in your email signature.

Why use Pinterest? If you are in a visual field, you can show examples of your work and Pinterest can become an online version of your resume. For other job seekers, your Pinterest boards will show that you're current with what's happening in your industry and career field.

For everyone, using Pinterest shows hiring managers that you are on top of and engaged with what's happening online.

It doesn't take much time to set up and maintain Pinterest. You can do it in a few minutes a day and the payback will be worth the time you spend.

Here's more on how to use Pinterest effectively when you are job searching from Jacques Bouchard, Internet Marketing Manager, Onward Search.

Pinterest Tips for Job Seekers

Use Images. Images should be integrated on to every pin, and small enough that they can be seen without scrolling. Be creative in your approach, using snapshots of yourself, company logos, colorful charts, that make your boards more engaging

Use Image Captions. Use your image captions to stimulate discussions and add value to your photos, then bring your friends and colleagues to your site through social media. Write your image captions in a what to also bring in search traffic from both Pinterest and Google.

Upload Strategically. Each board displays images in the order of most recent to least recent. Upload strategically so that the last thing you pin is what you want to show up first. Make your text large, bold, and high-contrast so it's still readable when shrunk down to a thumbnail size.

Expand Your Portfolio. Broaden out your portfolio by adding links from images to your guest blog posts and interviews online. If possible, link to articles where you've been quoted, and professional organizations in which you belong as well.

Show Your Passion. Demonstrate your passion for your career with boards that mirror your desire to grow yourself outside of the work environment. Show off your taste in peer work, pin infographics related to your specialty, and create a base of links to great articles.

Add Boards. Add supplemental boards to your Pinterest that tell a story about a motivated, resourceful, and creative individual. Fill your boards with motivational phrases and tastefully snapped photos of your family, pets, and creative accomplishments. Highlight your hobbies and interests, including cooking, artwork, crafts, and volunteer work.

Stay Up-to-Date. Keep your Pinterest boards fresh! Update regularly, comment back quickly, and upload new versions of your resume as they occur. Follow others for ideas and inspiration, and engage in valuable conversation with peers and hiring agents through their boards.

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