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Career and social networking online resources. Where to network online as part of your job search and how to use a social network to help land a job.
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How to Get Started With Social Networking
Employers are increasing using social networking sites to attract and recruit candidates and to accept applications for employment. Here's how to get started on social networking for job seekers.

Social Networking Tips: A - Z
50+ tips for using social networking on sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter to land your next job.

Top 10 Social Networking Tips
These top 10 tips for social networking when you're job searching will help you market yourself effectively, connect with people who can help with your job search, and job search on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more social networking sites.

Social Media Do's and Don'ts
Social media, including sites like Twitter and Facebook, can help you find a job and connect with people who can assist you with growing your career. However, it works both ways. Social media when used the wrong way can backfire and jeopardize a job offer or even your current job.

How to Use BeKnown
How to use BeKnown for professional networking and job searching on Facebook, including how to create a profile, how to connect, and how to search for and apply for jobs.

How to Use Instagram in Your Job Search
Depending on how you use it, Instagram can help - or hurt - your job search. Here's how to make the most of your Instagram account.

How to Use LinkedIn
Suggestions and tips for using LinkedIn to help with job searching and building your career.

How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search
Most people know that the best way to find a job is through networking. You can go to networking meetings, tap into your own personal network, or ask friends who they know. With the Internet buzzing with social media, there are similarly many ways to use social media in order to network, and eventually find a job.

How to Use Social Media to Connect With Companies
How to use social media to connect with companies, find job listings, interact with recruiters, and boost your chances of securing an interview and getting hired.

Facebook and Job Search Privacy Tips
If you are a Facebook user and are concerned about employers (or others) seeing the personal information that you have on Facebook, you can change your privacy settings so only certain people, like your friends or other students, can view your profile.

Facebook and Professional Networking
Should you use Facebook for professional networking, and, if so, what is the best way to use it?

Facebook.com and SimplyHired.com
Simply Hired's Facebook application provides a way for job seekers to view job openings at their friends' companies and to send messages to their friends at those companies to see if they can help with their job search.

Facebook Graph Search
How to use Facebook Graph Search for job searching and networking with your friends and friends of friends.

How to Keep Pinterest Professional
How to keep Pinterest professional and how to use it to promote your resume, skills and accomplishments.

Using LinkedIn to Supercharge Your Job Search
When it comes to landing your next job, it’s all about your network. The better you are at making and nurturing your connections online and in person, the more likely you are to find a new opportunity that is right for you. Here's how to use LinkedIn to supercharge your job search.

How to Use RebelMouse to Enhance Your Career
How to use RebelMouse to create a personalized social front page that includes all your social media accounts in one sleek site you can use to enhance your career.

How to Keep Up With Digital Recruiting
How to keep up with digital recruiting and how can you make yourself more appealing to employers online from guest author Sarah Hill.

Twitter in 10 Minutes a Day
Twitter is a great tool for job seekers and you don't have to spend a lot of time tweeting. Using Twitter for 10 minutes a day can give your job search a boost. Here's how.

Job Opportunities on Twitter
Job seekers can use Twitter to find job opportunities, market themselves to companies, showcase their skills and experience, and help land a new job. Here's how.

Twitter Job Search Tips
When you're seeking employment, Twitter can be an effective part of your job search strategy. Used in conjunction with LinkedIn, job search engines, and other job sites, Twitter can help you make connections, find job listings, and build a personal brand that will help boost your career and expedite your job search.

Social Recruiting and Your Job Search
Companies are increasingly using social recruiting to source candidates for employment, as well as to investigate applicants they are considering hiring.

About.com Job Search on Social Networks
All of the top social networking sites - LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter - can be used to get job search advice and to connect with companies that are hiring. Here's how to connect with the About.com Job Search site and Alison Doyle.

Monster's Facebook app BeKnown provides an easy way for job seekers to search for and apply for jobs without leaving Facebook. Once you've set up a profile, you can view and apply for jobs, see company information, get endorsed, and apply for jobs directly from the app. Even better, you're automatically matched with jobs, based on the...

CareerSonar enables job seekers to find job listings that are available within their social and professional networks. You can then leverage your connections in those networks to assist with your job hunt.

Employer Social Networking Checks
Here's what companies ought to know, and what job applicants should be aware of, about conducting employer social networking checks when evaluating candidates for employment.

How to Ensure Employers Can Find You
When you're conducting a job search, you need to make it easy for employers to find you online. Employers, who can be inundated with resumes when they post jobs, often seek passive candidates (qualified candidates who aren't necessarily looking for work, but who may be interested if the right job comes along).

Job Search Internet Checklist
When you're job searching, what you probably consider personal information can be found online by potential employers. Given that many employers do research potential employees, it's important to ensure that all your communications, including email, instant message, MySpace and Facebook profiles, and blogs are professional.

Land the Ideal Job Using Social Networks
Social networking can assist with your job search by promoting traditional networking, building relationships by e-mail and by interviewing. A social network can be the perfect way to land the ideal job.

MyWorkster provides a professional presence online (including a profile, resume, and video resume) as well as a means of networking with other job seekers and employers. MyWorkster also has job listings, blogs, and an instant messenging service.

Online Profiles
When you're looking for a job or positioning yourself for career growth, it's important to have an online presence where you can showcase your skills and experience.

Pinterest Tips for Job Seekers
Pinterest tips for job seekers, including advice how to get the most out Pinterest to enhance your career and boost your job search.

Social Media Background Checks
Social Intelligence Corporation (SIC) provides in-depth background checks for employers that include online research from social media and other internet sites.

The Power of Job Search Networking
Networking itself is not a revolutionary concept, but how people are networking and connecting to great opportunities is changing with next-generation job sites that combine job search and networking. People can now find jobs using powerful search tools on the Web and get jobs based on the strengths of existing relationships.

Tips for Communicating with Recruiters through Social Media
More recruiters than ever are communicating with candidates for employment on social media. Here are tips for talking to recruiters on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites.

Tweet Your Way to a New Job - Or Not?
The buzz lately is all about Twitter. How Twitter is a great communication tool, which it is. How Twitter is a great way to connect with people, which it is. And how Twitter can help you get a job, which it can.

Violating Company Social Networking Policy
Many companies have social networking policies that forbid the use of social networking sites at work, that prohibit posting proprietary company information online, and that limit what employees can say online.

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