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Letter Writing Tips

When you are writing letters, your letters and your email messages need to be clear, concise, grammatically correct, proofread thoroughly, properly formatted, and error-free. Here are letter writing tips and advice for writing correspondence which will help you make the best impression.
  1. Letter Writing Guidelines (9)

Letter Writing Guide
Guide to writing letters and email messages including what to include in your correspondence, format and layout, spacing, choosing font style and size, salutations and closings and more letter writing advice.

Letter Writing Tips
Perfection counts when writing letters for employment. All your job search correspondence should be simple, concise, grammatically correct and error-free. Here are tips and suggestions for writing employment letters which will help you stand out from the crowd.

Proofreading Tips for Job Seekers
The smallest typo on your resume, cover letter, or other application materials can prevent you from getting an interview. Here's how to proofread your job application materials so they are error free.

Cover Letter Writing Tips
The top cover letter tips and techniques including cover letter format and presentation, choosing a type of cover letter, writing custom cover letters, and cover letter examples and templates.

Email Cover Letters Tips
Tips and advice on sending an email cover letter.

Resignation Letter Writing Tips
Tips and suggestions for writing professional resignation letters.

Apology Letter Writing Tips
Tips and advice for apologizing to an employer during a job search or at work, plus examples of apology letters for a variety of circumstances.

Thank You Letter Writing Tips
Tips and suggestions for writing employment-related thank you letters including who to thank, what to include in your thank you letters and how to send them.

Influence Letter Writing Tips
Tips and advice for writing an influence letter after a job interview.

Reference Letter Writing Tips
How to write a reference letter, including the best way write a references, plus reference letter samples and examples.

Email Writing Tips
Job search email etiquette including choosing an email account, formatting your email messages, what to put in the Subject Line of your message, how to create an email signature, and how to send email messages.

When to Write an Influence Letter
When to write an influence letter instead of a thank you letter after a job interview.

Business Letter Layout
Business letter layout example. Example of the layout to use when writing a business letter.

How to Address a Letter
When you are writing a letter or sending an email message for employment or business purposes, it's important to address the individual you are writing to formally, unless you know them well. Here's how to address a letter.

Complimentary Close
A complimentary close, also known as a complimentary closing, is the term prior to your signature in an email message or letter.

Cover Letter Grammar Errors to Avoid
Information on the most common cover letter grammar errors and how to avoid them.

Grammarly Proofreading and Grammar Checker
Grammarly is a useful tool which enables job seekers, writers and other professionals to proofread and edit their documents for grammar and spelling. Here's a review of Grammarly.

How to Choose a Salutation
When addressing correspondence it is important to use an appropriate salutation for the type of letter you are sending. There are differences in what is appropriate depending on how well you know the recipient, and whether you are writing a posted letter or an email.

How to Close a Formal Letter
When closing a formal letter, you need to convey the appropriate amount of respect to the person receiving the letter.

How to Close Your Letter
When you're writing a letter or sending an email message it's important to close your letter in a professional manner.

Letter Closings List
When you send a letter or email message, it's important to end your letter with a polite closing. Here is a list of letter closings that are appropriate for a variety of letters or email messages.

Job Search Email
When you are using email to job search, it's important that all your communications are as professional as they would be if you were writing an old-fashioned paper letter. Here's information on what to include in your job search emails, how to format your email, and how to make sure your email message is read.

How to Select a Letter Font
How to select a letter font and how to choose a font size for your letters.

How to Write Job Letters
Do you need to write a job letter? Here's how to write a cover letter, an interview thank you letter, a reference letter, a resignation letter, a follow up letter, and more of the employment letters you'll need to write when you're job hunting or making connections who can help grow your career.

LinkedIn Invitation and Message Guidelines
Advice on sending LinkedIn messages including the best ways to invite people to connect with you, what to include and how to format your messages, and more guidelines for messaging on LinkedIn.

Professional Letter Greetings
When writing a letter for professional purposes, an appropriate greeting is extremely important.

Top Cover Letter Mistakes
Here's information on the most common cover letter mistakes job applicants make and how to avoid errors when writing cover letters.

What Not to Include in a Cover Letter
There is some information that must be included when you are writing cover letters for job. There is other information that should be left out. Here's what not to include in a cover letter.

When to Use a Value Proposition Letter
The difference between a cover letter and a value proposition, and advice on when to write a cover letter, and when to write a value proposition letter.

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