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Job Search iPhone Apps

iPhone and iPad Apps for Job Seekers


Job Search iPhone Apps


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There are a variety of job search apps available for your iPhone and iPad. You can download apps that search for jobs by keyword and location (using the iPhone GPS function), email job listings, keep track of your contacts, and even create a resume.

Many iPhone applications are free. Before you buy an app, check for reviews in the iTunes store to make sure it's worth investing a few dollars.

How to Find iPhone and iPad Job Search Apps

To download an app to your iPhone or iPad, visit the App Store by tapping on the icon on your phone and search for the application you are interested in. Or, visit Apple's online App Store and use Power Search to search for an application or Browse to review applications listed by category. Both the Business and Social Media categories have useful apps for job searching and managing your career.

Free iPhone and IPad Apps for Job Searching

BeKnown (free)
Monster's professional networking app, BeKnown, is available for mobile, with both Android and iPhone apps. BeKnown users can also access the app from Blackberry, and iPad via the BeKnown mobile site.

Beyond.com Search Jobs iPhone App (free)
The Beyond.com Search Jobs iPhone App allows job seekers to search for jobs, save jobs, and email job listings so you can access them from your computer.

Careerbuilder.com (free)
The careerbuilder.com iPhone app offers a way to search through the network of jobs available on careerbuilder.com. Users are able to search and view jobs by keywords, salaries, and descriptions which can be emailed to contacts. Users also have the ability of searching for jobs via the iPhone GPS capability and view jobs in the area they are currently in. Google maps provides a map of the city that the job is located in.

Career Search (free)
The Career Search app powered by job search engine LinkUp allows job seekers to search available job openings and research over 1,000 careers, including salary information, number of openings in specific locations, and whether the occupation is expected to grow or shrink in coming years.

Savy Soda's documents app is good way to manage your resume and cover letters from your phone. You can access and share documents in several different ways - email, Google docs, Dropbox and more. The basic version is $2.99. Documents 2, with some extra features, including document editing, is $3.99.

Felt is an iPad app that that will help you send personal handwritten thank you cards, without having do else other than writing the note on your iPad and letting Felt know where to send it.

Indeed (free)
Search for jobs on Indeed and email listings to yourself or someone else. Recent searches are remembered and the list shows the new jobs added since your last search.

JobServe iPhone Application (free)
The JobServe iPhone Application allows users to search jobs on the go with a large number of filters including length of time job has been posted, proximity to location, keyword, salary, industry, and whether a job is listed as permanent or contract. After searching, users can click on a job for more information and forward the listing to an email address as well as add the listing to "Favorites."

LinkedIn (free)
LinkedIn allows users to take their professional network with them wherever they go. Users can have immediate access to their contacts and important updates such as when someone in their network posts a lead for a new open position. You can also search for jobs and save them to apply to later on.

LinkUp (free)
The LinkUp Job Search Engine app lets users search for jobs on company web sites by keyword, location, company, and category. You can save jobs to your Favorites and access them via browser or feedreader. Searches can be saved and you can apply to jobs through your iPhone and/or email job openings to yourself or a friend.

Monster (free)
Use Monster's iPad app to search for jobs, sign into your Monster account, save searches, get email alerts when new jobs are posted, save jobs, apply for jobs and check to see what jobs you've already applied to. Job seekers are able to access their Monster account information to search or and apply to jobs via their iPad. The application includes the ability to use the built-in GPS to search for jobs near where you're located, enabling a quick view into the most relevant jobs close to home. Monster also has an iPhone app you can use for job searching.

Proven (free)
Proven is an app you can use to search and apply for jobs on Craigslist and Indeed. You can import multiple copies of your resume and cover letters, access your application materials and apply for job postings directly from your phone. You can also save or share the job posting and apply later on. The app also tracks applications.
Please Note: Especially with Craigslist job postings, it's important to avoid job scams.

Real Time Jobs (free)
The Real Time Jobs app, from TwitterJobSearch, allows users to find an apply for jobs with a single tap. Job seekers can attach an online CV or resume, a social media profile, and/or a video CV to job offers that have been posted to Twitter with a single click.

TweetMyJobs (free)
When you search TweetMyJobs all you need to do is enter the job title, industry (optional), and location you desire in a job opening. You can email the job listings you are interested in to yourself, and you'll receive instructions on how to apply.

Ultimate Job Search App (free)
The Ultimate Job Search App provides a way to search an unlimited of sources of job listings, including Craigslist. Jobs can be saved and emailed.

Facebook (free)
Facebook isn't, of course, a specific app for job searching, but Facebook's messaging system is a good way to keep in touch with your friends who are helping you job search. You can write more than you can in a text message and it's quick and easy to communicate on Facebook.

BeamME (free)
BeamME is an application that allows users to send virtual business cards. "Vcards" can be sent to devices via SMS and email. The recipient typically only has to open the message and click one button to add you to their contact list with no special phone, software or registration required.

More iPhone Apps for Job Searching

Craig's Jobs (2.99)
This app allows iPhone and iPod users to search Craigslist for jobs, and post their resume directly from the device.

Craigster (.99)
Craigster puts the full power of craigslist on the iphone. Users can view and post jobs on the site.

Good Job (1.99)
Good Job enables users to manage job search activities like tasks, events, follow ups and interviews. You can save an unlimited number of jobs and contacts and you can save your login information for some job and company sites.

Hidden Jobs App (.99)
Statistics show that 80% of job openings are never advertised. With the Hidden Jobs App you can discover many of these positions at companies that are expanding and making news. This app tracks company job announcements from newspapers, online media and press release sources. Currently tracking over 300,000 of new jobs across the U.S. It's updated daily and lets you browse by state. The app will display the number of jobs being created alongside the company name and state. Then it will connect you to the article that mentions the jobs so you can read it. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

iJob (.99)
iJob allows users to search through an extensive database of millions of job listings. Users can search by industry, company, location, etc. With the iphone's GPS system, iJob will pinpoint your current location on display jobs within a give radius of your position.

Job Compass (free)
Job Compass uses iphone's geo-locator and finds open positions within a given radius of the users location. Users are able to read descriptions of jobs, call with questions and even apply directly from your iphone.

Job Frenzy (.99)
Job Frenzy is powered by the job search engine Indeed.com. Users can search for jobs by email and location then save the jobs and email them to themselves or a friend.

Now Hiring (.99)
The Now Hiring application allows users to search US and international job sites. With Now Hiring, users can filter their searches by location, full time/part time, date posted, and many more options. With the favorites tab, it is easy to pick up where you left off and email listings with the touch of a button. Now Hiring list jobs in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, and India.

Resume PRO (1.99)
Create a PDF resume on your phone with Resume PRO by inputting personal and professional information. You can preview your resume and email as a PDF to yourself or someone else. There's also a generic cover letter you can include when you send your resume.

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