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Job Search Facebook Apps

Facebook Applications for Job Searching


Job Search Facebook Apps

Hire My Friend Facebook App

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Just about everyone is using Facebook for personal networking, but you can use it for professional networking, as well. With lots of job search applications to choose from, Facebook is becoming more than a social networking site. These Facebook applications can all be used as part of your job search.

Before you start, be sure to adjust your privacy settings so professional connections and potential employers aren't viewing too much of your personal information.

How to Get Facebook Job Search Applications

Login to Facebook, click on Profile, type the application name in the search box, then follow the instructions to install. Or, visit the Facebook Application Directory and search using "job search" "career" or "jobs" as keywords.

Monster's Facebook app BeKnown provides an easy way for job seekers to search for and apply for jobs without leaving Facebook. The app is fully integrated with Facebook, but enables users to keep their personal Facebook information private.

BranchOut is a Facebook app for career networking. Your LinkedIn profile can be imported to BranchOut, so you have a professional profile on Facebook. You can browse your friends on Facebook to see where they have worked. You can browse and share jobs that people within your career network have posted. If you're hiring, you can post jobs for free.

Business Cards
Business Cards allows users to network better on Facebook. You can personalize your card and attach it to your Facebook messages. This application is much like the signature common in email messages. Users can enter information they want to appear on their virtual business card.

CareerBuilder Facebook App
Users can have updated job and internship postings delivered directly from CareerBuilder to their profiles. Information such as location and career interest is used to send you the most relevant job profiles. You can follow a link directly from the job listing to apply for it. Users have the option to search by keyword, location and category.

CareerFriend Facebook App
CareerFriend uses your Facebook friends employment information to find potential job opportunities within your network. After connecting with your Facebook login information, CareerFriend creates a report that includes your friends' employers, occupations, and reviews of related careers.

Hire My Friend
Promote your Friends who are job searching to your other Facebook Friends with the Hire My Friend Facebook App. You can include a brief description of their skills and a link to their LinkedIn Profile.

Use IngBoo's Facebook app and you can select advanced search options (keyword, location, category) on Monster, Simply Hired, Career Builder, Cool Works, and more job sites. Click on the Jobs tab to select the sites you want to search. You'll get a list of job postings that match your search criteria automatically. In addition, you can also get LinkedIn and Twitter updates.

Inside Job
Inside Job allows users to be in a network of professionals. You can search for other professionals based on places they work, have worked, or have interviewed at. This gives you the inside scoop on the company and allows you to get an advantage on interviewing with that company. Start by uploading your resumes and previous work experience. Jobs can be searched for via keyword, location, organization. and job titles.

Professional Profile
Similar to the standard Facebook profile, this app allows users to create a professional one, where they become part of a network. Users can post resumes and recommendations that they can import from Linkedin accounts. They can also browse other user profiles and see resumes that were made public. Users simply upload their resumes to begin using professional Profile.

My LinkedIn Profile
This application makes it easy to promote your LinkedIn account with a badge on your Facebook profile. Users insert their LinkedIn profiles hyperlink and Facebook takes care of the rest.

LinkUp Facebook App
Job search engine LinkUp's Facebook App - Current-Jobs-at-Our-Company - provides a way for companies to automatically publish jobs from their corporate websites onto their Facebook Fan pages. Staffing agencies, recruiters, and advertising agencies using LinkUp’s Facebook App, as well.

Salary Calculator Facebook Apps
Looking for salary information? Job Search Intelligence has two Facebook apps, a salary calculator and a major calculator, that enable job seekers to compare salaries and to find information on top-paying careers.

Work With Us by Jobvite
The Work With Us application displays jobs on profile or fan pages. Users can browse interesting opportunities at companies where friends work, apply to the jobs and send Jobvites to their own friends and contacts. To use this application, your company must subscribe to it. You must be invited to use the application by authorized users, and then you can view job opportunities at their companies.

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