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Companies Hiring Unemployed Workers

Employers Participating in the Initiative to Hire the Long Term Jobless


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Updated: 1/31/2014. President Obama announced that the White House has secured commitments from some of the nation's largest employers to support a plan to boost hiring of the long-term unemployed.

To date, about 300 companies have agreed to support hiring policies that would not discriminate against unemployed workers and would encourage the hiring of long-term unemployed workers. The list currently includes 21 of the 50 largest and 47 of the top 200 U.S. companies.

Here's a list of some of the companies supporting the President's initiative, with links to the employer's hiring/careers websites where available.

The Pledge

A White House statement reports that the companies have pledged to remove barriers that may prevent qualified long-term unemployed job seekers from applying or being fully considered for jobs by:

1. Ensuring that advertising does not discourage or discriminate against unemployed individuals.

2. Reviewing screens or procedures that we use in our recruiting and hiring processes so they do not intentionally or inadvertently disadvantage individuals from being considered for a job based solely on their unemployment status.

3. Reviewing current recruiting practices to ensure that we cast a broad net and encourage all qualified candidates to consider applying.

4. Sharing best practices including success we have achieved with hiring the long-term unemployed in our own company – within our  organization and across our supply chain, with staffing firms, our employer associations and the broader business community.

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