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Job Search Tools, Gadgets, and Widgets

Widgets, Gadgets, and Tools to Expedite Your Job Search


Job Search Tools, Gadgets, and Widgets

Job Search Gadgets and Widgets

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There are widgets, gadgets, and tools that will help expedite your job search and manage your career. If you're actively job hunting, you can add an application to your Facebook profile so you can view the latest job listings without having to search.

You can promote your LinkedIn profile by adding a LinkedIn button to your web site, blog, or networking profile. Add a button to your Google toolbar, your desktop, or your browser and you'll be able to search jobs fast. Sign up for email alerts to get job listings delivered right to your mailbox.

Gadget and Widget Options

The key to successfully using these tools is to pick and choose. Don't download every widget and gadget that's available - you'll clutter up your desktop and your browser, and the jobs will get lost in the shuffle.

Select tools that will help expedite your job search and make your life easier. You'll be able to save a lot of job searching time, if you choose applications that help bring job listings directly to you and that help you communicate faster with your contacts and prospective employers.

Job Search Gadgets and Widgets

Browser, Desktop, and Web Widgets

  • Indeed Email Job Alerts - Sign up to receive new job postings from Indeed via email.
  • Indeed Job Search Tools -Indeed has job search plugins for Firefox and for your Google Desktop, an application for Facebook, a button for your Google Toolbar, and more services from Indeed.com.
  • my.indeed.com - Create a my.indeed account and access your saved jobs, notes, and searches from any computer.
  • IngBoo - Track your job searches on top job sites.
  • SimplyHired Job Search Tools - Add job alerts to Facebook, add a job search widget to your iGoogle homepage, your blog, or your desktop, access job listings from your cell phone, or sign up for one of the other services that will help you find jobs fast.
  • SimplyHired Email Alerts - Set up an email alerts so you can get new job listings on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Yahoo! Widgets - Download widgets to help expedite your job search.

Facebook Applications
There are lots of job search and career building Facebook applications you can add to your profile, including Career Builder, CareerJournal, CBCampus Career Link, Jobsite, Jobster, Indeed, MonsterTrak, and ShowBizJobs.


  • Email Signature - Create an email signature with a link to your LinkedIn Profile.
  • LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar - Build your network from within LinkedIn, invite your contacts with a single click, view LinkedIn mini-profiles in your email, and manage your LinkedIn contacts in Outlook.
  • Promote Your LinkedIn Profile - Download a button you can use to promote your LinkedIn profile in your blog or web site (there's a widget so you can add it directly to your Typepad blog).

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