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Job Search Tips

Job search tips, resources and tools to help you find that perfect job. Including tips for resume and cover letter writing, interview tips, job searching tips, tips for teens, and tips for older workers.
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Top 10 Job Search Tips
Here are some quick time-saving job search tips that will help your job search go smoothly. Start now to speed up your job search.

Top 10 Job Search Secrets
These days, you need more than a proofread cover letter, properly formatted resume, and polished shoes to find a job. Here are the ten job search secrets that will help you find a job fast.

Top 10 Job Search Tips for Unemployed Job Seekers
Unemployed? Having a difficult time job searching? Here are ten tips for unemployed job seekers.

Top 10 Things to Do This Week for Your Job Search
Top 10 things to do for your job search this week, and advice on how to make sure you're ready to get hired.

Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Job Search
Here's how to easily organize and manage a job search including keeping track of job applications and follow-up by using tools, widgets, websites and apps.

Top 10 Tips for Using Your Phone to Job Search
Tips and suggestions for using your mobile devices to job search including the best apps and job sites to use, how to find job vacancies, and how to get the most out of your phone when you're job hunting.

How to Decide What Jobs to Apply For
When you're job searching, spend your time applying to jobs that are the best fit for your skills and experience. Here's how to decide what jobs to apply for.

How to Keep Your Job Skills Current
Keeping your job skills current will help you get a promotion or a new job. Here's how to enhance your hireability by upgrading your skills.

15 Things You Should Know About Job Searching
15 things you should know to get hired for a new job, including advice for every step in the job search process.

How to Decide if a Job is a Good Fit
How can you decide if a job is a good fit? Here's how to evaluate a job, including what factors to consider and how to decide if the job is a match for you.

How to Get Noticed by Your Dream Company
Wondering about how you can stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips from a Microsoft staffing manager about how to get noticed by your dream company.

Getting a Job at Your Dream Company
If you've been dreaming about a certain position at a specific company, take the initiative to track the organization and its job openings, so you'll be especially prepared when it's time to apply.

Top 5 Tips for Finding an Hourly Job
Here are the top five tips for finding an hourly paying job, including where to look for job listings, how to apply and how to follow up with hiring managers.

Top 50 Social Networking Tips
50+ tips for using social networking on sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter to land your next job.

How to Stay Positive When Job Searching
It is easy to become frustrated or disheartened during a job search, particularly if you've been unemployed or job hunting for an extended period of time. Here are tips for staying positive while you're job searching.

Best Job Hunting Tips
Are you having a tough time job hunting? Do you need to get your job hunt in gear? These job hunting tips from leading career experts and top executives at leading job sites will help you focus your job hunt and utilize the top job search strategies that will ensure your job hunt succeeds.

How to Find Freelance Jobs
Looking for freelance work? Here's how to find the best freelance jobs for your skills, needs, and experience.

Business Cards for Job Seekers
When you are attending job fairs, career networking events, and meeting with job search contacts, it's a good idea to have a business card to handout. Here's what to include on a business card for job seekers.

Confidential Job Searching Tips and Techniques
When you don't want your current employer to find out that you're job hunting, there are steps you can take to keep your job search is confidential. Here's how to keep your job search confidential and how to protect your privacy.

Elevator Speech Tips
An elevator speech (also called an elevator pitch) is a quick synopsis of your background. Your elevator speech should be brief - no longer than 30 to 60 seconds - the time it takes to ride a elevator, hence the name.

Guerrilla Job Search Tips
You can find a job faster by doing three simple things: know the position you want, with absolute clarity, right down to the job title, know where you want to work, right down to the names of 10-20 ideal employers, and use nconventional "guerrilla" tactics to get noticed and get hired.

High School Student Job Search Tips: A - Z
Here's a list of job search tips for high school students including the types of jobs available, what you need to apply for jobs, how to write a resume and more advice for high school job seekers.

How Much Time to Spend on a Job Search
How much time should you spend on a job search? It varies depending on whether you are currently employed or out of work. Here's advice on how much time to spend and how to get the most out of your job search activities.

How Not to Find a Job
Job searching can be tough enough all by itself. There is no need to make it even harder by doing or saying the wrong thing when job searching or interviewing. Here's a list of what you shouldn't do. These tips might sound simple, but, you might be surprised at how many people make a mistake without thinking much about it. Then wonder why they...

How to Apply for a Job on Craigslist
Instructions for how to apply for jobs and post a resume on Craigslist.

How to Apply for a Job on Indeed
How to search for and apply for jobs on Indeed.com, including simple and advanced search options, setting up job alerts and instructions for applying for jobs listed on Indeed.

How to Apply for a Job on Monster
Instructions for how to apply for jobs and post a resume on Monster.

How to Find a Job You Love
Want to find a job you will love? Here are my top 5 tips for finding a job that you'll love.

How to Apply for Jobs In Person
Advice and tips for applying for jobs in person, including how to find companies that are hiring, getting ready to apply for jobs, what to bring when you apply in person for jobs, how to prepare for an on the spot interview and following up after you have applied for jobs.

How to Apply for Jobs Online
Advice and tips for applying for jobs online, including online job applications, uploading a resume, online employment tests, and what you need to apply for a job online.

How to Ask for a Job Application
How to ask for a job application when you're applying for jobs in person. Includes what to wear, what to bring and what to say.

How to Find a Job
Need to find a job? Here's how to find a job fast, including the top job boards, the best job search engines, how to use your connections to job search, how to ace the interview, how to follow up, and more tips on how to find a job.

How to Find a Second Job
Tips for finding a second job, including the types of jobs that make good second jobs, where to job search, options for starting a small business and more ways to earn extra money.

How to Find Companies That Are Hiring
How to find companies with available job openings that are hiring now, including tips for finding the latest job listings online and how to receive alerts for new job postings.

How to Get a Job
How to get a job including how to find job listings, the top job sites, how to search for jobs, how to search and apply for jobs in-person and online, how to handle a job interview, how to follow up, and more advice on how to get a job fast.

How to Find a Teaching Job
Advice and suggestions on how to find a teaching job, including where to search for jobs and how and when to apply.

How to Get a Retail Job
This step-by-step guide on how to get a retail job includes information on finding and applying for retail job listings, writing resumes and cover letters, taking tests that many retailers require as part of the application process, what to wear to a retail interview, sample interview questions, plus tips for acing a retail interview.

How to Get Hired After You Have Been Fired
How to get hired after you have been fired, including job search tips, getting references, career networking advice, and how to answer interview questions.

How to Handle Job Search Rejection
Tips and suggestions for dealing with rejection when you are job searching.

How to Keep Up With Digital Recruiting
How to keep up with digital recruiting and how can you make yourself more appealing to employers online from guest author Sarah Hill.

How to Reapply for a Job When You Have Been Rejected
Can you reapply for a job when you have been rejected or haven't heard back from a company? Here's when it makes sense to put in another application, along with tips for reapplying for a job after a rejection.

How to Reapply for Your Job
When companies merge or restructure, they may require employees to reapply for employment. Here's how to reapply for your job or apply for a new job with your company.

How to Search and Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn
Step by step instructions for how to search and apply for jobs on LinkedIn.

How to Set Up Indeed Job Alerts
How to set up an Indeed.com email job alert, plus information on how to edit and delete the alerts you receive from Indeed.

Job Application Tips
Employers use job applications to ensure that they have consistent information for all candidates. Review these job applications tips to be sure you're prepared to complete a job application.

Job Application Mistakes to Avoid
A mistake in your job application can cost you an interview. Here are some of the most common mistakes applicants make on employment applications and how to avoid them.

How to Use Social Media to Connect With Companies
How to use social media to connect with companies, find job listings, interact with recruiters, and boost your chances of securing an interview and getting hired.

Job Fair Participation Tips
Job fair attendance tips and suggestions.

Job Interview Question Tips
Job interview question tips including advice on the best way to answer interview questions, how to prepare for job interview questions, how to match your skills to the job qualifications, and how to share examples of your accomplishments with the interviewer.

Job Letter Writing Tips
Tips and suggestions for writing job letters that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Job Search Email
When you are using email to job search, it's important that all your communications are as professional as they would be if you were writing an old-fashioned paper letter. Here's information on what to include in your job search emails, how to format your email, and how to make sure your email message is read.

Job Search Advice
Experts in job searching and career development techniques provide job search advice on how to maximize your potential to effectively find a job.

Job Search Advice for Veterans
Job search advice and tips for veterans transitioning from the military to civilian employment.

Job Search Shortcuts
Job search shortcuts you can use to help find a job fast, including tips and techniques for expediting your job search.

Job Search Tips: Advice From the Experts
Some of the top experts in job searching and career development techniques have graciously offered their suggestions on how to maximize your potential to land that "special job."

Job Search Toolkit: Professional Job Searching
Before you seek employment make sure you have the appropriate tools for a professional and business-like job search because the first impression you give an employer is the most important one.

Job Search Word Tips
Tips and advice for using job search words to search for job listings online.

LinkedIn Tips: A - Z
A - Z list of tips for using LinkedIn for job hunting and career networking.

Part Time Job Search Tips
Are you looking for a part time job? Here are some ways that you can speed up your part time job search and find work fast.

Politics and Job Searching
Even though it's hard not to have an opinion - on candidates, campaigns, and issues - it makes good sense to keep those opinions to yourself when job searching. Be discreet when you job search and keep politics out of the process.

Should I Start Looking for a Job Before I Quit?
Tips and suggestions on when and how to start a job search when you want to quit your job.

Tech Job Search Tips
It's important for tech job seekers to keep your tech skills and certifications current, to network both inside and outside the tech industry, to highlight your accomplishments, and to start using social media if you're not already. Here are the top tips for tech job searching.

Ten Steps to Simplify Your Job Search
The best way to start a job search is to keep it simple. You can always add a layer or two to your job search endeavors when you're comfortable with the basics and with managing your time. However you don't have to. Start out slowly, get used to the technology and to managing the time you spend online. Here's how to simplify your job search.

Tips for Effective Job Searching
It's always important to make sure you have covered all the bases when you are in the midst of a job search. Review these ten job search tips to make sure your job hunt is on the right track.

Top Job Search Tips
Searching for a new job? These top job search tips include tips for resume writing, cover letters, curriculum vitae, interviewing, phone interviews, working at home, online job searching, using your network, and more advice to help you find a new job fast.

Use the Holidays to Boost, Not Blow, Your Career
Even though the holiday season is typically a time when hiring slows down, you can, at best, use the holiday season to boost your career or, at least, avoid holiday office gaffes.

What Not To Do
An employer sent me a copy of an email that he received from a candidate who was told the position was filled. The candidate wrote a two word reply saying "your loss." I'm not sure when it ever made sense to be rude or to burn your bridges.

Using Job Search Words
What words should you use to get the best results when searching a job board? The key is using the right combination of search words to find job listings quickly.

Weekend Jobs
The job search engines are an excellent source of weekend job listings. When you use the Advanced Search options you'll be able to search by keyword to narrow the results to include only weekend jobs listings. Here's how.

What to Do if Your Job Is Advertised
What should you do if you see a job that sounds exactly like yours advertised by your employer? Here's what to do if your job is advertised.

Tips for C-Level Executives
When you are job searching it's important to promote your expertise and achieve recognition as a thought leader in your field. Here are tips on how to get noticed for C-level executives.

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