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Job Search Assistance

Tips and tools for effective job searching, free job search classes and where to find additional job search help.
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How to Find Job Search Help
Need help with your job search? Here's how job seekers can find free, or inexpensive, resources in their geographic areas including career counselors and coaches.

How to Find a Job
How to find job listings, both online and off-line, networking, using a headhunter and more job advice on how and where to look for jobs.

Hiring for Hope
Hiring for Hope provides free services to job seekers including career management, a job board, job search assistance, career coaching, and other services for individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, re-entering the workforce, exploring career options, looking for a change, or are already advanced in their career.

Department of Labor - Employment Services
Job referral and placement, training, and other employment services provided by state labor departments.

Focus Your Job Search
Follow the rules (please!) and focus your job search. What job seekers shouldn't do when looking for a job and what does work when job searching.

Job Search Advice from the Experts
Some of the top experts in job searching and career development techniques have graciously offered their suggestions on how to maximize your potential to land that "special job."

Find a Career Coach
What a career coach is, how career coaching can help, and where to find a career coach.

Department of Labor and Job Service Offices
Directory of Department of Labor offices, listed by state.

Where Can I Find Employment Services?
Employment services for job seekers are provided by State Department of Labor Employment Services and/or Job Services Offices. Here's how to find your local office.

12 Things You Don't Need to Job Search
Going back to basics can be a good idea when you're job searching and strapped for time and money. You can get hired with a great cover letter and resume.

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