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Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)


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Update May 28, 2014: Federal emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) extended benefit programs expired on December 28, 2013.  Here's the latest news on action to renew federal extended unemployment benefits for 2014, and what you can do if you run out of unemployment benefits.

Definition: Extended unemployment benefits, including Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), which provide additional weeks of unemployment benefits, are available to workers who have exhausted regular state unemployment insurance benefits during periods of high unemployment.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation Tiers
The extended benefits you are eligible for depend on the state you live in and the date you became unemployed.

Here's an overview of the tiers of extended unemployment benefits that are available and the maximum number of weeks of unemployment that are available for unemployed workers.

Collecting Emergency Unemployment Compensation Benefits

All extended unemployment benefits are paid through the state unemployment system. So, check with your state unemployment office for information on what benefits you are eligible for and how and when you will receive payments.

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Also Known As: EUC, extended unemployment benefits

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