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Job Offer Letter Samples

Job Offer Letters, Acceptance Letters, Rejection Letter Samples


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What's the best way to accept a job offer or reject a job offer? What type of job offer letter will you receive if you are offered a job? How do you say thank you for a job offer? How do you write a letter to withdraw your application? Review job offer letter samples to fit a variety of circumstances.

Job Offer Letters From Employers

Candidate Rejection Letter
Companies may send candidate rejection letters to applicants that are not selected for a position. Review an example of a candidate rejection letter.

Interview Rejection Letter
Review an example of an interview rejection letter sent to a candidate who was not hired.

Job Offer Letter Sample
Sample job offer letter including the position the candidate has been offered, the salary, the starting date, and information on employee benefits and retirement programs.

Job Offer Letter Example
Job offer letter example requesting a written confirmation of acceptance of the offer.

Letters to Accept a Job Offer

Job Offer Acceptance Letter Sample
Job offer letter sample to accept a job offer in writing.

Sample Job Offer Acceptance Letter
Job offer acceptance letter sample.

Job Offer Thank You Letter
Letter sample thanking the employer for the job offer.

Counter Offer Letters

Counter Offer Letter Sample
Sample counter offer letter requesting a meeting to discuss the compensation package that was offered.

Counter Offer Letter Example
Counter offer letter / email message example requesting additional compensation.

Counter Offer Email Message Example
Sample counter offer email message.

Letters to Reject a Job Offer

Employment Rejection Letter Sample
Sample employment rejection letter for declining a job offer.

Job Rejection Email Message
When you have decided to reject a job offer, you may want to let the employer know via email that you are turning down the job offer. Here's an example of an email message rejecting a job offer.

Letter to Withdraw Your Application
Sample letter of withdrawal from consideration for a job. This letter example can be used to withdraw an application of employment.

New Job Announcement to Interviewer
Here's an example of a letter sent to an interviewer to let them know you have accepted another position.

Job Offer Letter Templates

Microsoft Job Offer Templates
Microsoft job offer letter templates are available as a free download for Microsoft Word users, or available within your Word program, to use to create job offer letters. Letter template options include letters to accept or reject a job offer and letters to offer a job.

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