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Job Loss Condolence Letter Writing Tips

What to Write When Someone Loses Their Job


Job Loss Condolence Letter Writing Tips
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When a family member, friend or colleague loses their job, it can be hard to know what to say. Even though it's probably not the easiest letter or email you have written, getting a supportive message means a lot to the person who has lost their job.

When writing a job loss condolence letter, you don't need to go into details about how the person lost their job i.e. if they were fired or laid-off. You can simply mention that you are supportive, you care about the person, and offer to help, if you can.

If you aren't able to help with a job search or a reference, simply state how sorry you are to hear the news and let the person know you're available, if they would like to talk.

Tips for Writing Job Loss Condolence Messages

Offer Networking Help. If you are able to provide networking contacts, do so. Offer, in your message, to introduce the person who has lost his or her job to your LinkedIn connections.

Provide a Reference. If you're familiar with the person in a work-related capacity and can endorse them, offer to provide a professional reference. Otherwise, offer to give them a personal reference.

Review a Resume or Letter. It's always helpful to have another pair of eyes review your resume. You don't need to be a professional resume writer to proofread a resume or letter. So, offering to review a resume or cover letters is a great way to offer help.

Refer to Job Search Sites. Do you have a favorite job search site? Mention it in your condolence message. Mention, as well, if you have a Job Search Forum that's been useful when you have job searched.

Refer to Jobs. Let your unemployed friend, family member, or colleague know that you will keep them in mind if you come across relevant job listings. Offer to send listings that might be a fit.

Ask What They Need. Sometimes, you might be surprised at how much something little can mean to someone who is unemployed. Ask what they need - it could be something as basic as a walk in the park, a cup of coffee or lunch, or a phone conversation.

Most importantly, offer to be there for the unemployed person. When you're out of work and trying to navigate a difficult job market, just knowing that you have support can make a big difference.

Job Loss Condolence Letter Examples
Examples of job loss condolence messages you can use to send to a person who has been fired, terminated, laid-off, or otherwise lost their job.

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