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Get Ready to Quit Your Job

Tips for Quitting Your Job


Get Ready to Quit Your Job

Before you resign make sure that you have cleaned up your work computer.

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In many cases, when you turn in your resignation, you're done. Some companies expect you to give two weeks notice, others will want you out the door by the end of the day or even immediately. If it's immediately, you will be asked to box up your personal items and you'll be escorted to the door.

Before you submit your resignation to your boss, make sure you are prepared to leave.

You don't want to give any indication that you're moving on, like taking your photos off your desk or pictures off the wall, but you can quietly clear out your desk and clean up your computer. That way, you'll be ready to leave if the boss says "you're out of here" when you tender your resignation.

Are You Covered?

Before you make that final decision to quit, make sure that you have a new job or another source of income. Also, check on health insurance coverage, if you don't have another job lined up. You may be able to continue coverage via COBRA, but be sure before you resign.

Clean Up Your Computer

I know an employer who found out after an employee left that he was running his small business from his work computer. They were not amused and he won't be getting a good reference from them, if he needs one in the future (and you never know when you might need a reference).

Even if you're not doing anything wrong, it's important to make sure that your personal information isn't left behind when you leave your job. That way, you won't have to worry about someone accessing your personal information in your absence.

Computer Documents - If you have personal documents, email a copy to your personal email address or save them online and delete the files from your office computer.

Email - Do the same with personal email messages you want to save - email them to yourself, then delete them. If you have online accounts where have used your business email address for the account log-in, change the accounts to your personal email address. Make sure you have the email addresses and phone numbers for the people you want to stay in contact with.

Software - If you downloaded software that is only relevant to you, not to the job, delete it. Delete any Instant Messaging programs you've downloaded, as well.

Internet Browsers - Delete your browsing history, cookies, saved passwords, and saved forms from your web browsers. In Internet Explorer go to: Tools/Internet Options/Browsing History and click Delete. In Firefox go to: Tools/Clear Private Data.

Clear Out Your Office

Do you have years worth of old paper files in your office? Get rid of them. Only keep what's relevant and necessary for the person who will be doing your job next.

You'll want to get to the point where you can easily bring home what's left in a box or bag, so if you have a lot of personal items bring them home a little at a time, or throw out what you don't need to keep.

Your goal is to be able to leave your job with a clean slate (and no personal/private information left behind) and at a moment's notice. If you take some time to get ready, before you quit your job, you will be set for a smooth transition.

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