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Best Job Search Resources


It's hard to keep track of the multitude of job sites that are available. There are sites for just about every career field and every location, and then some. Sites come and sites go. Some of the ones that have been around for a while, and which do a good job of providing job listings and career resources aren't necessarily the biggest or the sites with the most bells and whistles.

Here is a selection of my favorite job search sites, the top jobs, cities and companies for job seekers, good print resources, as well as a few of my perennial favorite niche and geographic job sites.

Top Job Sites
CareerBuilder, CraigsList, Monster, and Yahoo! Hot Jobs top the list. Job seekers should check all of them on a regular basis, as well as set up search agents to be notified of job postings as they come in, because many of the jobs listed online are listed on these sites.

Job Search Engine Sites
These job search engine sites, including Indeed and SimplyHired, have changed how job searching online works. They allow users to search the major job sites, company sites, associations and other online job sites by keyword and location, and are an excellent way to speed up your job search.

Networking Sites
Even though they are not specifically geared to job searching, business and social networking sites (liked LinkedIn and MySpace) should be on your list of the top sites to use when job searching. Networking (online as well as offline) is still the primary way people find jobs and these sites are simple and easy to use to make connections that will help with your job search.

Top Work at Home Job Sites
The best job sites for finding work at home job postings aren't necessarily the sites that focus on work at home jobs. There are sites though where you can find good work at home job listings, as long as you are willing to spend time looking.

Top Teen Job Sites
Students and teens, start your online job search by visiting the sites that focus on teenagers and students. Here are the best job sites for teens, plus tips for searching them.

Best Cities for Jobs
Where is the best place to live and to work? Which city is the best place for jobs? Which is the best city to earn a good salary? The Milken Institute measures the top cities for job growth, employment and salary growth.

Best Companies to Work For
Which is the top company to work for? Which companies are the best to work for depends on what you're looking for in a potential employer and how you measure success. Here's how to determine what company is best for you.

Top Jobs and Where to Find Them
The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment by occupation classification as well as by the largest and fastest growing occupations. Here's an overview of the jobs estimated to have the most growth between now and 2014.

Job Search Books and Tools
There are as many, maybe even more, job search and career books out there as there are job search sites. Here are some of the best job search books which provide help with resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and job searching.

The Best for Job Seekers

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