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What is a Job Title?


Question: What is a Job Title?

Answer: A job title is a term that describes the position held by an employee in a few words or less. Depending on the job, a job title can describe the job responsibilities, the level of the job, or both.

Employers use job titles to categorize positions in their organization. A company's organization chart will show the jobs, listed by job title, the reporting structure, and company management.

Employers also use job titles as part of their compensation management system. Certain job titles can be tied to pay grades. Job titles also are used to determine a career path at a company both by employees eligible for promotion and by employers who are evaluating candidates for employment.

Job Titles on Resumes

Job titles are used to list jobs held is the "work history" section of a resume. Job titles are typically listed for each position held. The job title is followed by brief description of the job. Here's an example of a job title on a resume:

Support Engineer
Troubleshoot and debug minor program bugs. Modify existing programs with enhancements. Implement fixes and enhancements. Design, create, and implement ticket designs.

Lists of Job Titles
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Job Title Samples
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