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Firefighter Interview Questions


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Review a list of frequently asked interview questions for firefighters.

Firefighter Interview Questions

Do you have experience as a volunteer firefighter? If so, how did this experience prepare you for this position?

What do you believe are essential qualities in a firefighter?

Describe a time when you had to solve a problem as a group. How did working with a group help you solve the problem?

Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision in a very short amount of time. How did you handle the situation?

Tell me about a time when you used your communication skills to make a difference during a situation.

Describe a time when you had to persuade a reluctant person to take a particular course of action.

Tell me about a time that you worked outside of your job profile to solve a problem.

Tell me about a time that you served as a leader of a group.

Give me an example of a situation when you saw someone in distress and helped him.

Tell me about the most stressful job you ever held. How did you handle the stress?

Have you ever been in an emergency situation? What did you do?

Tell me about a time when you helped handle a conflict between two of your colleagues.

General Job Interview Questions
In addition to job specific interview questions, you will also be asked more general questions about your employment history, education, strengths, weaknesses, achievements, goals and plans. Here's a list of the most common interview questions and examples of answers.

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