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Quotes About Being a Lawyer


Lawyers are the foot soldiers of our Constitution.
Rennard Strickland & Frank T. Read

Law students are trained in the case method, and to the lawyer everything in life looks like a case.
Edward Packard, Jr.

Make crime pay. Become a lawyer.
Will Rogers

If there were no bad people there would be no good lawyers.
Charles Dickens

People are getting smarter nowadays; they are letting lawyers, instead of their conscience, be their guide.
Will Rogers

Lawyers enjoy a little mystery, you know. Why, if everybody came forward and told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth straight out, we should all retire to the workhouse.
Dorothy L. Sayers

Lawyers are like rhinoceroses: thick skinned, short-sighted, and always ready to charge.
David Mellor

You cannot live without the lawyers, and certainly you cannot die without them.
Joseph H. Choate

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