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Interview Attire

How to Dress for a Job Interview


Here's information on how to dress for an interview including advice on what, and what not, to wear on a job interview, appropriate interview attire, how to impress a prospective employer, business vs. business casual attire, and tips on dressing for success.

Professional / Business Interview Attire

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The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one. The first judgement an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. That's why it's always important to dress appropriately for a job interview.

Business Casual Interview Attire

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Here's what to wear when dressing for an interview where you don't need a suit or to work when the dress code is business casual.

College Job Interview Attire

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While college students might dress casually in the classroom, they should  dress professionally when interviewing for a professional job or internship. Less formal is acceptable when interviewing for campus jobs and more casual jobs.

High School Interview Attire

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As is the case with any interview, it's important to look well-dressed and put together even if you're a high school student looking for a part-time job. Here's how to dress for an interview for high school students.

Internship Interview Attire

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Internships are an important part of career development, and like any job, acing your interview is one part of getting the position you want. Making a great first impression - coming across as polished, professional and attentive - is important when it comes to your internship search. Here's what to wear for an internship interview.

Startup Interview Attire

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If you have an interview at a startup company, nix the head-to-toe formal business attire. Rather than showing up in a black suit and dress shoes, opt for something that is relaxed but still presentable: relaxed-fit khakis, dark-wash jeans, and a nice top, for example.

Summer Job Interview Attire

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Here's what to wear for a summer job interview, including interview attire for male and female job applicants, how to accessorize, what to bring, and how to stay cool during your interviews.

Teen Interview Attire

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Applying for a part-time job is a little different from applying for a full-time professional position. Dress should be, at the least, neat and tidy. Business casual is usually appropriate.

Warm Weather Interview Attire

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What to wear to a job interview so you can stay cool in warm weather, including business and business casual interview attire for men and women and tips for keeping it cool when it's hot outside.

Interview Accessories

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When you dress for an interview, how you accessorize is important. When wearing accessories to an interview, less is more. It's also important to choose accessories that will enhance your interview attire - not overwhelm it.
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