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Interview Questions About Bosses

How to Answer Interview Questions About Bosses


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When you go on a job interview you will probably be asked questions about your bosses - both past and future. Common interview questions about bosses include questions about the best and the worst supervisor you have worked for, what you expect from a supervisor, what you would do if the boss was wrong, and other questions related to your relationships with your supervisors.

Even if you disliked your boss, don't say so. Negative comments about a bad boss will be a warning sign for a hiring manager who may wonder what you will say in the future if you don't get along with your supervisor if you're hired.

The same holds true for the company. If you hated working at a company, you don't need to discuss it.

Be Careful How You Respond

Why is it important to be careful what you say? One job applicant, for example, I interviewed spent quite a bit of time talking about how she hated her boss and how horrible the last company she worked for was. That company happened to be our biggest customer and the supervisor she disliked so much was our liaison with that company. Needless to say, she didn't get the job.

Here are sample interview questions about managers and sample answers.

Interview Questions About Bosses

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