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Job Interview Question: What Are You Looking For In Your Next Job?


Job Interview Question: What Are You Looking For In Your Next Job?

One of the interview questions you may be asked is what you are looking for in your next job. The interviewer wants to know whether your goals are a match for company’s needs.

Prepare to respond by comparing your interests and goals to the requirements listed in the job posting. That way, you can offer a personal response specifically tailored to the job for which you're applying.

Best Answers

I'm looking for a position where I can have the opportunity to successfully use my skills. I want to be able to provide a company with the best possible work.

I am looking for the opportunity to use the skills that I have developed during my years in marketing to engage your sales force and increase productivity and international sales.

I am excited by the opportunity to learn about your company’s innovations, and utilize the experience I have in technology to help streamline your products for even more successful implementation.

In my next job, I would like to be able to have a positive impact on my patients. Your facility offers patients a total recovery program, and I feel that my experience, education, and specialization would make this a good fit for me.

You can begin your answer with this question: Tell me, Mr./Ms. Interviewer, what is a typical career path at OPL for someone with my skills and experience? (Based on the answer you can then respond to the original question using the phrases from the answer to frame your response).

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