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High School Interview Attire


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High School Interview Attire
High School Interview Attire
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Most high school job seekers aren't interviewing for professional positions. Instead, they're usually looking for part-time jobs in retail, restaurants, babysitting, or even applying for volunteer positions. Accordingly, a high schooler's interview attire doesn't have to be exceedingly formal. In fact, a teen would look pretty silly in a full-blown business suit.

But, as is the case with any interview, it's important to look well dressed and put together. Clothing should be in good condition, wrinkle-free and of course, work-place appropriate. Because a teen's level of maturity is a significant factor for employers looking to hire young people, it's especially important that teens dress modestly and tastefully.

This group of young women is appropriately dressed for an interview. Although their varying clothing choices do express some personality, their tops are all age-appropriate and are a great reference point for any teen looking for some interview attire inspiration.

Read on for more examples of appropriate interview attire for both young men and women.

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