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Email Interview Invitation


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Here is an example of an email invitation sent to a job applicant who has been selected for a one-on-one interview.

Email Invitation to One-on-One Interview

Subject Line of Email Message: Invitation to Interview as Result of Application

Email Message:

Dear Sara Potts,

As a result of your application for the position of Account Analyst, I would like to invite you to attend an interview on June 30, at 9 AM at our office in Quincy, MA.

You will have an interview with the department manager, Edie Wilson. The interview will last about 45 minutes. Please bring three references as well as a copy of your driver's license to the interview.

If the date or time of the interview is inconvenient, please contact me by phone (518-555-5555) or email (tgunn@randall.com) in order to arrange another appointment.

We look forward to seeing you.

Best regards,

Thomas Gunn


Thomas Gunn
Administrative Director
Randall & Associates
101 Beech Street
Quincy, MA 02169

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