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How to Answer the Interview Question: Please Rate Me as An Interviewer


How to Answer the Interview Question: Please Rate Me as An Interviewer
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Some interviewers will seek feedback from candidates about the quality of their interviewing process. Although the individual may seem genuinely interested in constructive feedback, the safest approach when responding is to focus on the positive elements of the interview to avoid alienating him by being critical.

It helps if you understand some of the strategies for conducting effective interviews from the employer perspective. You can then comment on some of the positive approaches your recruiter demonstrated during the interview.

Here are some specific elements of an effective interview to consider as you choose how to frame your feedback to the interviewer:

  • Did your interviewer put you at ease and establish a comfortable rapport?
  • Were you given a clear description of the duties and qualifications for the job at hand?
  • Did the interviewer ask questions which elicited mention of your key assets as they relate to the job requirements?
  • Did the interviewer probe for specific examples of how you applied required skills in past projects?
  • Were you invited to share critical information about your assets which was not triggered through any of the interview questions?
  • Did the interviewer listen carefully to your answers and probe for additional information to clarify your responses?
  • Did you leave the interview with a clear sense of how the employment process would unfold from that point forward?

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