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OPM - US Office of Personnel Management


OPM - Office of Personnel Management Overview:

The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides information on US Government jobs, veteran's information, student opportunities, federal government employee and retiree resources, as well as resources for Human Resources practitioners and agencies.
Office of Personnel Management


USAJobs (USAJobs.gov) is the Federal Government's official source for Federal government job listings, job applications, and employment information. Search USAJobs by keyword, location, job category, salary range, and pay grade. Users can also search based upon eligibility for federal employment.

Veteran's Resources:

Tools and resources for all U.S. Veterans, including job opportunities, forms, benefits, and program information as well as training assistance for private sector employment.
Veteran's Employment Resource Center

Federal Employee Resources:

Information for federal employees including new employee resources, training, tools, and resources, and retirement benefits.
OPM Information for Federal Employees

Federal Salary Tables:

The general salary schedule (GS) salary table, rates for localities, executive salaries, and special salary rates are available on the OPM web site.
Federal Salary Tables

OPM HR Practitioner / Agency Resources:

Human Resources tools, models and guidance for federal agencies and Human Resources practitioners.
OPM Human Resources Information

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