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Fired / Termination

How to handle a termination or getting fired, including what to do when you get fired, unemployment information, and your rights when you have been terminated.
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Fired: How to Handle a Termination
Getting fired, unfortunately, can happen to the best of us. It can happen even when it's not your fault. There could be a personality conflict between yourself and your supervisor. Your idea of what the job was going to be like might differ from what management was thinking. You could have simply screwed up. It happens. You're not alone.

Top 10 Reasons for Getting Fired
Information on the top reasons for getting fired, what you can do if your job is terminated, collecting unemployment when you have been fired and more information on job termination.

Termination Questions and Answers
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about being terminated from a job.

Exceptions to Employment at Will
List of exceptions to employment at will, including reasons when employees cannot be fired without a reason.

Can a Company Fire You After You Give Notice?
Information on when a company can fire an employee who gives notice that they are resigning.

Dismissal from Employment
Dismissal from employment (also known as being “fired” or “let go”) is the termination of employment against the will of the employee.

Final Paycheck When You're Fired
When will you receive your final paycheck if you are fired from your job? When you get your final paycheck depends on company policy and state law.

Fired From a Job
You have been, or are about to be, fired from your job. Are you eligible for unemployment? What happens if you have been wrongfully discharged? What do you say in your cover letters and in job interviews? Here's what you need to know about employee rights when you are fired or otherwise terminated from employment.

Fired for Facebook
Information on getting fired for posting on Facebook and other online sites. Advice for employees and employers on what employees can post on Facebook and other social media sites, along with the issues employers needs to be aware of when creating social media policies.

Fired for Whistleblowing
Whistlerblowers have often been fired by the company they work for. However, there are some legal protections for whistleblowers.

Fired vs. Laid Off
Information on the difference between getting fired vs. laid off and the implications on unemployment benefits and employment.

Getting Fired Stories
Getting Fired Stories: Fired from your job? Share your getting fired story and tell us about the job you lost, why you were fired and and what you might have learned from the difficult experience of being terminated from employment. Read, as well, about others who have been fired and what life has been like for them. See submissions See submissions

Health Insurance Coverage When You're Fired
If you are fired for reasons other than gross misconduct, you may be able to continue health insurance cover under COBRA.

Terminated for Cause
When an employee is terminated for cause they are fired from their job for a specific reason.

Pink Slip Lay-Off Notice
Pink slip is the symbolic name of the notice an employee receives when he or she is laid off or terminated from employment.

Should You Quit Before You Get Fired?
If you're concerned about getting fired, does it make sense to quit before the company can fire you? Here are the pros and cons of resigning before you're terminated.

Termination Checklist
When you have lost your job, it's important to check on compensation due, benefits, references, and unemployment.

Types of Separation from Employment
Here is a list of common types of separation from work.

Termination Letter
A termination letter is a written document that formally states that an employee is laid off or fired.

Unemployment When You're Fired
If you were fired from your job you may be eligible for unemployment, depending on the circumstances. However, if you were fired for misconduct you probably won't be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Termination Notice
The Fair Labor Standards Act has no requirements that a company must give notice to an employee prior to a termination or lay-off.

Unemployment eligibility requirements, when to file, how to file, benefits, rates, and answers to questions on unemployment compensation.

Unused Vacation and Sick Time When You're Fired
Because companies are not obligated to provide paid vacation or sick time to employees, they are also not required to pay for unused leave time, unless there is a state law providing for payment when an employee is fired or laid-off.

Warning Letter Prior to Termination
Many employers have a termination process where employees are given written a written warning prior to termination. Here's information on termination warning letters.

Wrongful Termination
Wrongful termination happens when an employee is discharged from employment for illegal reasons or if company policy is violated when the employee is fired.

Wrongful Termination Reasons and Remedies
Information on wrongful termination including the reasons that are considered wrongful termination and remedies for employees who have been wrongfully terminated.

When an Employer Can Fire an Employee Without a Reason
Information on when a company can fire an employee without notice.

What to Do When You Are Asked to Resign
When you are not performing at your job or if the company no longer needs you, you may be asked to resign. It can come down to being asked to resign versus being fired. Here's advice on what should you do if you are asked to resign.

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