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Top Reasons Job Seekers Hate Employers

Why Job Seekers Hate Employers


Top Reasons Job Seekers Hate Employers

The Resume Black Hole

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Do job seekers really hate employers? In many cases, the answer is yes. Even though "hate" is a strong word, there are many job seekers who are really upset with the application process, the hiring process, and how employers treat candidates.

It's understandable when you have applied for hundreds of jobs without a single response, when you have interviewed repeatedly and the hiring manager doesn't have the courtesy to let you know about a job offer one way or the other, or when you've been terminated from employment and the company tries to fight your unemployment claim.

Top Reasons Job Seekers Hate Employers

The Resume Black Hole. One of the things I hear, over and over again, from job seekers is that it feels like their resume is getting sucked into a black hole when they apply for jobs online.

The Interview Process Takes Too Long. How many interviews does it take to hire a candidate? In some cases, it can take four, five, or more interview and months. All the while the candidate is left on hold waiting to hear about a job offer.

The Job Isn't What Was Advertised. The job sounds terrific in the job posting, but when you get to the interview it turns out the job isn't quite what it seems. The responsibilities are different and if the job seeker had known what the job really was, they wouldn't have applied.

Age Discrimination. A recurring theme in the unemployment stories that site visitors have shared is that they aren't getting hired because of their age. By the way, what is considered "too old" by some employers isn't very old by most standards. Age discrimination can start when a job seeker is in his or her forties.

References. References are another issue for many job seekers. There's the question of whether a previous employer will give a reference at all, will give a good reference, or will give a bad reference that jeopardizes the job seekers chances of getting hired in the future.

Credit Checks. When you have been unemployed for a while and can't pay your bills, it's really hard to keep a good credit rating. Then, when a prospective employer runs a credit check and you have a bad credit rating, it can cost you a job offer. Credit is a no-win situation for many applicants.

Unemployment Claims. Another issue for unemployed workers is that companies sometimes fight unemployment benefit claims. The employee's version of what happened when the employee was terminated doesn't match the company's. The truth might be somewhere in the middle and unemployment offices typically side with the worker unless there is clear evidence that the person is not eligible for unemployment, but it can take what seems forever to go through an appeal process and get an unemployment check.

Skimping on Salary. Many job seekers believe that companies are taking advantage of a bad economy. Salaries are significant lower than have been in the past, they are cutting benefits packages, and companies are paying as little as possible because job seekers are desperate.

More Reasons Job Seekers Hate Employers

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