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If you're tired of working at that same old job, but still interested in staying in the same line of work, you can jump start your job search and go directly to applicable resources in your field of interest.

Or, if you're looking for a new line of work, you'll find a wide variety web sites which focus on a particular industry or career field. Start by searching the major jobs databases utilizing keywords which describe your preferred occupation, then move quickly to resources which target your specific interests.

Start With the Search Engines
Use the job search engines to search the top job banks, company sites, and online newspapers. There are a variety of job search engine sites that will search all the online job sites to capture new job postings.

Use the Niche Job Sites

You will find online job search resources for every career field and industry. Sometimes, more resources than you can readily look through. From jobs in Advertising to jobs at the Zoo and just about every vocation in between - you'll find online resources relevant to your chosen career. If you are interested in working at the zoo, for example, you'll find general resources on Becoming a Zookeeper and specific job listings at zoos around the country. The same holds true for many other occupations - review our Jobs by Career Field section for the full list.

Connect with Companies

Connect directly to employers in your industry. Spend time researching companies and employers using a wide variety of free resources available online. Links to company web sites allow individuals to visit those companies electronically, research the organization and search through that company's listings if they are posted online. Research the associations in your field. There are professional associations for just about every industry. They will give you contacts to network with and may also be able to provide job listings. Search the ASAE Gateway to Associations to find associations in a lengthy list of categories.

Networking Works!

Networking continues to be an invaluable resource for making employment-related contacts. Talk to colleagues and business acquaintances. If you do belong to an association reach out to other members. College grads contact your Career Services office to see if they can put you in touch with alumni willing to help. Many colleges have networks of alumni who have specifically offered to help with career advice.

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