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Fast Track Your Job Search

Ten Steps to Find a Job Fast


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What can you do when you have to find a job fast? It's not easy, but there are steps you can take to expedite your job search.

Spending some time to get your job search in order, keeping it organized, focused, and on the fast track will help you find a job faster than if you don't have a plan in place.

Rather than missing your job search targets, you'll be spending your time job searching in an effective manner if you take it one step at a time - and stay on top of managing job search process.

Plan and Organize Your Job Search
I'm a list person. Lists help me plan and help me execute my plans. Taking a few minutes to make a list of everything you're going to do to job search, is a great way to get your job hunt off to a good start. In addition to knowing what you're going to do, you'll have the satisfaction of crossing items off your list.

Take some time now to organize your job search and the entire process will be easier. Take advantage of the free tools available to help you plan and manage your job search.

Write Your Resume
Your resume needs to be professional and polished, because if you don't have a professional resume, your application materials probably won't get a second glance from a hiring manager.

Make sure your resume has what it takes to make a good impact and has what it takes, from a tech vantage point, to get found by prospective employers.

Create a Personal Cover Letter Template
Write a cover letter you can use as a starting point for the customized cover letters you are going to write when you apply for jobs. It will give you a base to work with and it's good practice. When you find jobs to apply for, the basics will be in place and you'll only need to take the time to target your letter to each job opening.

Create / Update Your Professional Profiles
One of the most important parts of online job searching is your profiles. That's what you use to connect with people in your network and your profile is how you get found on LinkedIn and other networking sites by potential employers. Create profiles if you don't have them and update your profiles if you do, so they are current and compelling.

Select Job Search Websites
Don't post your resume or look for jobs on every job search website under the sun or use all of them to job search. Instead, speed up your job search by using the job search engines to search for jobs across the Internet. Also, select niche sites, which are job sites focused on a specific industry or career field, and local job sites, that list jobs in a city, region, or state, that are match for the types of jobs and where you want to work.

Use Your Words
When you're searching for jobs online, it is important for you to type in the best criteria (search words) to make your searches the most relevant to retrieve your target jobs.

Try Guerrilla Tactics
Try something different. You can find a job faster by doing three simple things: know the position you want, know where you want to work and consider using unconventional "guerrilla" tactics to get noticed and get hired.

Network Your Way to a New Job
Career networking should be a part of your daily job search routine. It doesn't take long to send an email or a LinkedIn or Facebook message just to say hello and to mention that you're job searching.

Ace the Interview
The rest of this advice will be to no avail if you do all the right job search stuff, then blow the interview. Once you have been selected for a job interview, it's important to prepare properly. That means practicing interview questions and answers, dressing in appropriate interview attire, and, after the interview, sending thank you letters to your interviewers.

Follow Up
Follow up - with everyone. As I mentioned, send a thank you email or note after your job interviews. Send a quick message on LinkedIn or Facebook or a Direct Message on Twitter to the people who help with your job search, gave you a job lead, put you in touch with a connection, or gave you advice. A little thanks goes a long way.

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