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Job Interview Question: How Has Your College Experience Prepared You?


Job Interview Question: How Has Your College Experience Prepared You?
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When you are applying for an entry level position a typical job interview question is "How has your college experience prepared you for a career?"

Here are sample interview answers which you can edit to fit your personal experiences and background:

  • My experience in college not only prepared me for my career, it prepared me for life outside of my career. I gained skills that cannot be taught. Through interactions with fellow students, professors, internship supervisors, and coworkers, as well as other college staff, I earned a "degree" in people and social skills that I did not even sign up for.
  • I learned a lot about myself during my four years in college. I faced challenges that I never thought I would come across and in turn, I have become more confident. I am sure that my passion and talent in painting in combination with my confidence as an artist will enable me to be successful in the art world.
  • As a freshman, I filled my plate with more than I could possible consume. I thought carrying 18 or more credits each semester would put me on the fast track to graduation. Unfortunately it burned me out and I almost succumbed to the stress and anxiety it brought upon me. I learned the hard way how important it is to pace your self and to not set goals that are unobtainable.

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