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Curriculum Vitae Cover Letters

Cover Letters for Curriculum Vitae Examples


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When you apply for a job with a curriculum vitae, it's important to include a cover letter, also known as a covering letter, with your CV.

Curriculum Vitae Cover Letters

Your cover letter should include specific information on why you are a match for the position you are applying for.

Don't repeat the information in your CV in your cover letter, rather list your qualifications and the job requirements, relating your skills to the position requirements. Use either a bulleted list or a paragraph referencing your specific qualifications for the job.

If you're writing a cover letter for a position at a college or university, here's how to write an academic cover letter.

Curriculum Vitae Cover Letter Writing Tips
Use your cover letter to identify the most relevant skills or experiences specific to the job, rather than restating the information in your CV. Here are tips on what to include in your CV covering letter.

Curriculum Vitae Cover Letter Samples

Depending on the employer's submission requirements, curriculum vitae cover letters can either be submitted online with your CV, uploaded online, or mailed. Be sure to follow the application instructions and follow the directions on how to apply.

Cover Letters Samples for Curriculum Vitae
Here's information on to write an effective cover letter, including cover letter samples, how to format a cover letter, and types of cover letters with samples of each.

Email Cover Letter Examples
When you're sending an email cover letter, it's important to follow the directions on how to submit your cover letter and curriculum vitae, and to make sure that your email cover letters are written as well as any other correspondence you send.

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