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Curriculum Vitae

What is a curriculum vitae, how to write a CV, when to use a CV instead of a resume, plus curriculum vitae samples, examples and templates.
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  2. Curriculum Vitae Writing (10)
  3. CV Writing Tips (15)
  4. Sample CVs (31)

Curriculum Vitae Writing Guide
Why, when and how to use a CV, plus sample curriculum vitae and additional job search resources.

Curriculum Vitae Samples
Curriculum vitae samples, formats, and templates.

Curriculum Vitae Tips: A - Z
Need to write a CV? Here are over thirty tips for using, writing, formatting and sending CVs.

Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae - when to use a CV or a resume, what to include and how to write a curriculum vitae.

CV Guidelines
Guidelines for CV writing and formatting, including choosing a font style and size, CV length, format, and what should be in included in your curriculum vitae.

Top 10 CV Tips
The top 10 tips for writing a CV, including formatting a curriculum vitae, what to include in a CV, examples and templates and advice on writing covering letters for curriculum vitae.

Microsoft Curriculum Vitae (CV) Templates
Microsoft curriculum vitae (CV) templates are available as a free download for Microsoft Word users, or available within your Word program, to use to create a curriculum vitae. Here's how to download and use these templates for writing CVs.

Writing Curriculum Vitae
When should job seekers use a curriculum vitae, commonly referred to as CV, rather than a resume? Here are the details on when to use a CV, what to include and how to write it.

Curriculum Vitae Summary
A curriculum vitae summary is a one-to-two-page, condensed version of a full curriculum vitae.

Curriculum Vitae Content
List of content you should include in your curriculum vitae.

Curriculum Vitae Cover Letters
When you apply for a job with a curriculum vitae it's important to include a cover letter with your CV.

CV Covering Letters
A covering letter should be included with every curriculum vitae you send. Your covering letter provides detailed information on why are you are qualified for the job and explains the reasons for your interest in the company.

Definition of Curriculum Vitae
A curriculum vitae (CV) provides a summary of one’s experience and skills and is typically longer than resumes (at least two or three pages).

Europass CV
Your Europass Curriculum Vitae - "Europass CV" - is the most important step in your job search process in any of the member states of the European Union. Read on for tips on writing your Europass CV, from Alex Sakota, founder of GetResume.com.

Sample CVs, Resumes and Job Letters
Review our collection of free sample resumes, cover letters, curriculum vitae, resignation letters, thank you letters, letters to accept, or decline a new job, and more career-related letters you can use for your job search correspondence.

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