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Sample Cover Letter #6 - Union Organizer/Administrative Assistant

The person who contributed this cover letter thought it might be a little too much. I thought it was worth sharing anyway.

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Dear Hiring Committee,

I am responding to your posting on Craig's list. I am currently unemployed since being laid-off from a full-time position with xxxxxxx. Here is a summary of my skills:

--Non-profit experience
--Computer proficiency
--Organizing office procedures
--Training and supervisory experience
--Public relations
--Database maintenance

I am a long-time activist and grew up in a family that is pro-union. My great-uncle was a Wobbly. My uncle remembers meetings at his house with Emma Goldman. Only weeks ago, at my cousin's funeral (his son), I was asked to sing "Solidarity Forever" and "Joe Hill". There were over 200 people present including family, friends and colleagues of my cousin. The lyrics to the songs were printed in the program. I asked people to sing with me and was very surprised when almost everyone sang along, and many raised their fists each time the words "solidarity forever" was sung. I've told a number of friends about the experience of singing these songs. I was shocked and disheartened to learn how few of them had even heard of either of the songs. It is apparent that the long, bitter, struggle for worker rights is something that is not being taught in our schools.

When I worked in the "dot-com" world, there were frequent on-line discussions around the topic of unionization. The majority of participants were anti-union. The young people who voluntarily worked ten to 12 hour days in the hopes of quickly cashing in on their stock options, took the "eight hour" work day for granted.

Since 20XX, I've volunteered for xxxxxxxxxxxxx. I began as a writer/editor with the newsletter, assisted in producing various special events, and have been active in volunteer recruitment and website management.

Last summer I completed a seminar at A Circle of Ten, Inc. - an intensive workshop that explored the process of collaboration, community development, and fundraising. I know that unions are essential in ensuring a voice for employees. I am excited at the prospect at being part of the tradition that protects employee rights.

I look forward to hearing from you to arrange an interview as soon as possible.


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