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Referral Letter Sample


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A referral letter is used to write to a mutual connection asking them to refer you to a job opportunity or requesting assistance with a job search.

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Sample Referral Letter

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Dear Mr./Ms. LastName,

I am a friend of Janice Dolan and she encouraged me to forward my resume to you. I know Janice through the Brandon Theater Group, where I am the technical director. We worked together on several local theater projects.

I'm interested in relocating to the San Francisco area in the near future. I would appreciate any recommendations you can offer for conducting a job search for a theater position, finding job leads, and any help you can provide with the logistics of relocating to California.

My resume is attached. Most of my theatrical experience is in lighting and projection design, however I have worked at most backstage areas during my career.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


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