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Company Reviews

Reviews of companies by employees, ex-employees, and other insiders. Read reviews of companies, plus post your own anonymous review.

Company Reviews and Ratings
When you are job searching, it's important to read company reviews to get the inside scoop, from employees and former employees, on the companies you are interested in. Company reviews and ratings are available for just about every major company and many smaller employers.

Glassdoor.com contains reviews, ratings, company information, salaries, CEO approval rating, competitors, content providers, and more company information. Users can find and anonymously share real-time reviews, ratings and salary details about specific jobs for specific employers.

Glassdoor - Company Interview Questions and Answers
Job seekers can use Glassdoor to find and anonymously share company reviews, ratings and salary details, and now interviews, about specific jobs for specific employers.

CareerLeak.com provides users with company and career information. Users can can research specific companies/employers, search occupational information on hundreds of careers, use resume tools, and get career advice.

CareerBliss.com provides company reviews, salary information, and job listings for millions of companies.

Review company ratings or rate your company and add it to the list.

Company reviews and rankings. All reviews are posted anonymously.

Company reviews for a variety of employers, plus add your own company review and discuss companies in the discussion forum.

Teach For America Jobs and Employment Information
Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates of all majors who commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools. Here's information on the program and how to apply.

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