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Career Options for Teachers

Time for a Change


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You're tired all the time; you don't want to get out of bed in the morning; you can't concentrate at work anymore. Guess what, you could be one of millions of Americans that need to consider a career change. If you even think you are starting to feel "burned out" or uninterested in what you are doing make some time for a real conversation with yourself - starting with the question "What do I really want to do with the rest of my life?" If you get no quick answer to your question there is always help online.

Career Research Tools

The first step is to check out the resources that can help identify what you want to do and what you are good at doing. This involves generating a list of potentially satisfying work options. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, is a tool used to define different personality types which can help highlight some career fields on your list of choices.

What Color is your Parachute is an excellent resource and an industry standard for discovering what you love to do, for suggesting how you can you can use transferable skills and for researching career and job options to find your ideal job. Several survey instruments are available online to assist in determining those transferable skills:

Then try a career personality test or two to get an idea of which career might be the right one for you to move on to.

These resources can help define the career options that will most likely be the best fit for your interests. In conjunction with evaluating your skills to determine which are readily transferable to a new industry it is important to research potential career options. You may be surprised at how many positions in different fields you are already qualified for!

Researching Career Options

The next step is to research the potential careers which seem interesting to you. America's Career Info Net summarizes United States job market information including the fastest growing occupations, the highest paying occupations and the occupations with the most openings. The Occupational Outlook Handbook includes the outlook for specific occupations with special features including information on tomorrow's jobs. Career Options includes information on exploring careers in different fields. When time allows, study the type of positions offered in a variety of career fields to get some ideas about what positions are available in a given industry. The Fortune 500 and other lists of the Best Companies to Work For will enable you to target the employers who have been mostly highly rated by their employees.

And finally, before changing careers it's important to discover what is, and what isn't, important to you and to follow your dreams... as best you can. Indeed, much of life's happiness is derived from satisfaction and enjoyment in one's work.

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