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Business Letter Examples: A - Z List


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List of business letter examples for a variety of employment and business related correspondence.

Business Letter Examples: A - Z List

Apology Letters
When and how to apologize at work, plus examples of apology letters for employers and co-workers.

Appreciation Letters
Letters to let employees, co-workers, colleagues, clients and others know how much you appreciate them.

Business Thank You Letters
Business thank you letters samples for a variety of business and employment related scenarios.

Candidate Rejection Letter
Example of a candidate rejection letter to send to an individual who was not selected for a job.

Congratulation Letters
Congratulation letters for new jobs, new businesses, promotions and other business related endeavors.

Email Message Examples
Business and employment related email message examples.

Employee Letters
Sample employee letters and letters for applicants for employment including employee reference letters, job offer letters, appreciation and congratulation letters, and more letter examples.

Employment Verification Letter
Sample employment verification letter confirming a person is employed by a company.

Farewell Letters
Farewell message examples to let colleagues, clients, and your connections know that you are moving on.

Inquiry Letters
Letters to request meetings and to inquire about job opportunities.

Job Offer Letters
Examples of job offer letters, job rejection letter, counter offer letters, and more letters related to job offers.

Job Promotion Letter
Letter example for an employee promotion.

Networking Letters
Sample job search and career networking letters including referral letters, letters of introduction, and networking outreach letters.

New Employee Letter
Sample welcome letter to send to a new employee.

Promotion Announcement
Sample email message notifying company employees about a promotion.

Reference Letters
Reference letter, recommendation letter, personal reference, professional reference, and academic reference examples.

Referral Letters
Referral letter examples including letters and email messages requesting a referral, letters referring employees, colleague, or acquaintance for a job, and examples of referral cover letters and thank you letters.

Resignation Letters
Resignation letter and email examples for a variety of situations.

Retirement Letters
Letter examples for retirement announcements and congratulations.

Termination Letter
Sample termination letter terminating employment with a company.

Welcome Back Letters
Examples of welcome back letters for new employees and employees returning to work.

Microsoft Word Letter Templates
When you need to write an employment letter, it can be helpful to start from a template. Microsoft Word templates are available for resumes, cover letters, resignation letters, reference letters, and interview letters.

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