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Beyond.com Search Jobs iPhone App


Definition: The Beyond.com Search Jobs iPhone App allows job seekers to search for jobs, save jobs, and email job listings so you can access them from your computer.

When you install the app you can choose an industry, although searches cover all industries and are based on keyword and location with the option to use current location if your phone's settings allow the app access to this information.

You can also opt to receive email alerts or push notifications on your phone of new jobs fitting your criteria.

After searching, clicking on a job in "results" gives a more detailed description of the job along with an identification number and the option to forward the job listing to an email address.

Clicking "Learn more and Apply for this Job" saves the posting to your "Saved Jobs" list and automatically sends a link to your email address so you can quickly access the listing from your computer. The "History" tab lists your recent searches so you can easily search again to find new job listings.

How to Find iPhone and iPad Job Search Apps

To download an app to your iPhone or iPad, visit the App Store by tapping on the icon on your phone and search for the application you are interested in. Or, visit Apple's online App Store and use Power Search to search for an application or Browse to review applications listed by category. Both the Business and Social Media categories have useful apps for job searching and managing your career.

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