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Let's Go to the Zoo!

Zoo Jobs, Internships & Volunteer Opportunities


Ever think about becoming a Zookeeper? You'll need more than a love for animals, though that certainly helps. Animal keeper positions at major zoos are very competitive and require skilled individuals with a background in a related life science field.

Most entry-level positions now require a four-year college degree. Training in animal science, zoology, marine biology, conservation biology, wildlife management, animal behavior, or other related field is preferred. Curatorial, research, and conservation positions typically require advanced academic degrees. Zoo and Aquarium Career Opportunities reviews the requirements, salaries, and typical job openings you'll find at a zoo.

In addition to the appropriate educational requirements, completing an internship or volunteering can provide the experience you need to get hired or at the least provide the opportunity to spend some quality time at the zoo.

Many of the nation's top zoos have information, employment opportunities, as well as internship and volunteer opportunities online:

The American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) lists positions at zoos around the country. It's an excellent resource for connecting to zoos, many of which have job listings on their web sites. It's also a good source for locating smaller zoos where jobs may be more readily available.

The American Association of Zookeepers is a non-profit organization of professional animal keepers dedicated to quality animal care and to promoting animal keeping as a profession. Joining will keep you up-to-date on the latest industry news and employment information.

Zoo Jobs and Internships

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