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Resume Fax Services

The Pros and Cons of Using a Resume Fax Service


Resume fax companies distribute your resume via fax, for a fee, to recruiters, human resources managers and others in a position to hire. Resumes are typically faxed to a database of recruiters. This is very similar to resume blasting, where your resume is sent via email to thousands of employers and recruiters.

There are also fax services that offer to send your resume to specific employers upon your request with a cover letter, also for a fee. For example, one service I looked at charged $19.95 to send your resume to 25 employers. Another charged $8.95 a month, plus a $10 set-up fee.

Resume Fax Options

So, there are basically two options for sending your resume via fax. One, blast your resume to anyone who might take a look at it. Two, send your resume to employers who offer applying by fax as an option. As an aside, when you fax your resume you can either compose a brief cover letter to include on the fax cover sheet itself or you can fax both your resume and cover letter to the employer. Either option is acceptable.

Before You Fax Your Resume

Before you decide to pay to fax your resume to the world or to a specific employer, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does the time-savings justify the expense?
  • Do you need thousands of recruiters receiving yourfaxresume?
  • Will those recruiters actually read it, especially if it wasn't requested?
  • Can you find an alternative way to fax your resume for free?

You won't find a free alternative to blasting your resume to anyone and everyone in the world of employment. You really don't need to do that though. It makes more sense to conduct a targeted job search and spend your time on employers who want to receive resumes from candidates with your type of background and experience.

Free Resume Fax Services

If you don't have a fax a machine to fax your resume yourself, you can find free fax services to do it for you. There are free fax service companies which allow you send faxes directly from your email client or your browser. The About.com Guide to Freebies has a list of free fax services.

Keep in mind that, before you pay for anything related to your job search, it's important to consider whether that product or service is available elsewhere for free. In many cases, it will be and the quality of the service will be comparable or even better. There is no need to pay for something you don't have to!

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