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Resumes Online: Posting Your Resume


When you post your resume on the web you are advertising "I'm available for work" on job databases to thousands of recruiters and employers searching for just the right person. Prior to posting your resume prepare a simple version that is easily transferable to a variety of formats.

Ways to Post Your Resume

There are several methods of posting a resume online including cutting and pasting it into a form, uploading it from a word processing file or sending it via email. Most job sites will have a process in place where you can easily upload your resume from your computer.

You can also use a resume builder to create your resume online:

Where to post?
The best place to start is on web sites directly related to your career field, then post on location-based sites and the major job sites.

Job Banks
Search online job banks by by keyword, location, career field includes job search engines where you can search many database in one step.

Jobs by Career Field
A comprehensive list of job listings sorted by career field including arts, communications, business, education, not-for-profit, legal, science, technology and more.

Jobs by Location
Staying or home or relocating? Here are jobs where you want to be.

Resume Services
Resume services can save you time and energy, plus they can assist in getting broad exposure for your resume. Here are the details on resume posting and resume blasting, including how they work and whether it makes sense to use a service or do it yourself.

Keep Track!
Bookmark or keep a list of the site, or sites, where you have posted your resume. You may need to edit information or remove your resume once you've found a job.

There's always a chance that  your present employer could find your resume when searching for candidates.  Having personal information, like your phone number, all over the internet is a concern as well.   If these are issues for you, consider using confidential sites where you can protect your privacy.

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