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Good Reasons to Quit Your Job



Do you need a good reason to quit your job? Do you want to quit, but don't know if you should? Or, do you know that you're resigning, but don't have a good reason to give your employer and you'd rather not say you hate your job?

There are lots of good reasons to quit a job. In fact, there are circumstances when quitting may be the best option.

Sometimes though, even if you hate your job, it can make sense to give another reason for quitting. There's no reason to burn your bridges with your current employer if you don't have to. It will avoid the stress of worrying about what they might say about you if they are a company that gives out information when employee references are checked.

Here is a list of good reasons to quit your job and if you have a reason that works when someone doesn't want to give the real reason they are resigning, please add it to our list of reasons to quit a job.

Not sure how to quit or when to give notice? The formal way to resign is to write a resignation letter. However, depending on circumstances, you may need to quit over the phone or to quit via email.

Here are resignation etiquette tips to help you quit with class.

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