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Alison Doyle

Unemployment Delays

By December 11, 2008

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Getting through to an unemployment office seems to be really difficult. One unemployed worker told me, "I had to call more than 20 times to get through to my state unemployment office! I just sat there in front of the TV and called over and over." Getting your unemployment claim processed is also a challenge, due to the heavy volume of unemployment claims. Many state unemployment offices are backlogged processing claims, with some states reporting a two or three week delay. However, new staff are being added and the delay should ease up in the near future.

If you have have a new claim for unemployment, the quickest way to apply is online. For updates on extended benefits, check on your unemployment office web site for details on the extension.

If you do need to call, expect long delays in getting through to a representive and be prepared to keep calling. Early or late in the day are the best times to call. Hitting redial until you get through is also a good strategy.

If you have a problem with your unemployment claim or are having difficulty navigating the unemployment system to get assistance, review these unemployment claim questions and answers for information on why you have hear anything about your claim, why you didn't get your unemployment check, how to get in touch with the unemployment office, and how to get help if you can't find answers to your questions.

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August 27, 2009 at 2:07 pm
(1) Ben says:

Two to three weeks. Ha. My wife got laid off 9 weeks ago and we are still waiting for a check. How does the government expect people to be able to live and pay bills when it has been over 2 months. This article was published in Dec. of 2008. Well it is August of 09 and it has become worse. Way to go Democrats (Obama) insteadt of helping people not lose their house, you have ensured that good outstanding people who have always made payments on time and paid taxes in full, are losing their homes and spending any and all of their savings and childrens college funds so that they continue to pay bills. My wife has applied for over 20 valid sales jobs with only one call back. She is doing her part, why cant the goverment do their part??? If there are 300 million people in the US and an increase from 4.5% to 10% in unemployment causes this much damage, imagine the increase from 75% of people with health care to 90%. How will you handle this?

September 11, 2011 at 3:17 am
(2) Lydia says:

well, it is now 2011 and STILL no better! i have been waiting for 6 weeks now with not so much as a determination as of yet…
i dont understand, if the unemployment office is backed up, why not hire a few extra people to take up the slack to process the paperwork in a decent amount of time?
i sit here, expiring my savings to pay what bills i can and pray that i am approved for unemployment compensation! it would be nice to know ASAP what is going on so that i know whether myself and my children will be homeless soon or not.
taking care of these matters (processing applications, sending payments, etc) should receive some type of expedited treatment – especially with how high the unemployment rates are at the present time…

October 1, 2012 at 12:14 pm
(3) Kevin says:

is process can be very, very annoying,,,,however, here is a number you can call and after several attempts will eventually get through. 570.496.2336 it will ask for an extension and I just type in 0 which gets you to a recorded operator. You might be on hold up to a half hour but at least you are on hold and no more busy signals. They will eventually get to you in the order of your call.

Good Luck

February 13, 2013 at 6:39 pm
(4) Donald says:

It has been over 6 weeks and still no payments here either; my state (Colorado); also claims excessive back logs, but they have claimed this every time I have had to file (4 times) in last 7 years. I personally think they delay hoping you will get tired of waiting and requesting payments.

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