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Readers Respond: Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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What to do when unemployment runs out? Where you can you get help when you're out of unemployment benefits? How can you job search with limited resources? Here's advice on what to do when you're out of unemployment, plus share your advice to help job seekers who are running out of benefits and are in need of assistance.

Certified Pharmacy Tech

Unemployment runs out. 16 years experience. I am not disabled and am 49. No money. Plenty of job interviews, possibly over qualified. What next?
—Guest deborah heyse

Laid Off, No Unemployment

Even though I worked at the mortgage company for almost 2 years as a contractor, when they laid off nearly 1200 people and we were given unemployment for 4 months then we were dropped. Now, even with a BS I am struggling cannot find a job and the FED Loan people want their money anyway. I am not buying food, friends are and my church fixed my septic tank. My parents have 3 -4 times given me enough to put gas in my auto so I can get around, though I only go to church, employment office, and any interview offered. Many don't want me due to over qualified and others don't because I don't have special training in certain programs and cannot afford to take a class to be trained in what they would want. Even with secretarial, banking, and mortgage background. I have been reaching for everything on the internet job search and have ask friends even posted on FB in case any family or friends have suggestions. It has been 9 months.
—Guest Guest Regina

I Second All That

I also have been unemployed since 2013, and I have applied and applied, and without notice my unemployment benefits ran out. Now my thoughts are how does the government expect for us to make it, a family of 4 with no income? It's sad that people that have a job and good benefits, they are making ends meet, look at people such as myself and others that are in the same boat, they look down on us. Our families can only help so much because they have bills of their own. So the question is what do we do, where do we turn, who can we trust? One thing is for sure, God and prayer has gotten me through all of this, even though it has been a hard, times at my lowest, but God be to Glory to all things. For all those that we have to look for help, and you turned your nose up at me, well you never know when the shoes will be on your feet.
—Guest Jwilliams

What are we to do?

I have been unemployed since June 2013, one year now. I have always had a job. I just turned 44 and have been HIV positive for 8 years. I don't know which way to tur. I hope and pray that things change for the better soon! This whole economy and life sucks!
—Guest Unemployed depressed

30 Year Old Losing My Mind

I never assumed that everything happening in my life was happening to only me. I knew there were others in my situation, some better and some worse. I'm sorry all of you are going down this path. I am 30 years old, have a business administration degree in management and have 7 years in management experience (employees, customers and job situations). However, in April 2013 i had a car accident which required brain surgery. I made a full recovery within a couple of months...I really shouldn't even be alive but I am. When released to go back to work, my position was no longer available. I won my unemployment, received it for 6 months and then it was gone like a vapor. I have had several interviews, one with Northfolk Southern and I was very certain that I would get the job as I had more experience then any other incumbent. However, I could see a change in demeanor when my scar was seen. Needless to say....they went with another.
—Guest Guest jh

Only 25 and Almost Homeless

I worked for this retail company for 6 years, only to get laid off due to false allegations against me. I moved out for the job, only to be fired 2 months later. I claimed unemployment and now they are "exhausted". I haven't found a decent job to help me earn the living I need. I've sold everything I own, I've given up on a lot of things, and I am only 25 years old. I have tried every other resource but somehow I still do not meet the requirements. How is this possible? I went from working full time making decent wages to live off of, and now I have absolutely no money in my bank or in my pockets. I have a temp job where I wash dishes under minimum wage... I'm only 25...is this my future? Is this fair? Why can't I get any assistance? Why is the government making it impossible for me to get the help I deserve? I just want a full time job that pays well... is that too much to ask for?
—Guest j

Nowhere to get Help

There is nowhere to get help these days if you're out of work. Well, so be it and that's how the Goverment thinks. If you speak only Englis, businesses won't give you a look. If you're born in the USA and speak only english, you wont get a job.

Government Washes Its Hands...

Government Washes Its Hands of the Long Term Unemployed. They cut you off from unemployment benefits, think you're not trying or are lazy, they are wrong! It's discouraging/depressing/scary to look for work everyday, not finding anything, or you don't get considered because you are too old (in their opinion). Most American's live paycheck to paycheck, wages are low, bills/housing are high-no savings! Others who haven't lost their jobs due to layoffs/downsizing/budget cuts don't have a clue until it happens to them. Maybe they won't be so judgmental once it does. Those who got to keep their jobs actually COMPLAINED if they were asked to make concessions to keep their jobs!! I wish I had been given the opportunity and not just cut!! Evening news said 1 in 5 teachers in my area are being cut, and the remaining 4 will be given 2 pay raises!! How does THAT make sense? Our kids lose again. Just like me, those teachers DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG. They showed up to work everyday, worked hard, and still got cut-it's not right!
—Guest Vivian

Why They Refuse to Hire Us

One year unemployed 5/12--what to do when nowhere wants to hire you for a job? IDK... when going after the same type of job we get no Luck! Maybe we've been looking at this the wrong way! Let's go for a total opposite job and maybe we could get hired... most of the times we refuse, and feels insulting to go lower than what we used to do in wages and career. For that we lose the benefit of being employed because we're to proud to stoop lower than our ability and knowledge allows us to. Take the job and something better will come along. used to doand bec
—Guest tina

Survival of the Fittist

After losing my job three years ago and spending all of my money seeking my child that a pedophile kidnapped, I lost my unemployment and used all of my money fighting a lost cause with the courts to attempt to get anyone to help me get my parenting time with my missing child. Now the courts gave jurisdiction to another state because they don't want to deal with it anymore and I am homeless without any money. My family and friends disowned me when I was begging them to help me with my missing child and custody case. They avoided me like I was cancer because they were afraid they might have to help me financially or help me with a place to live. I finally came to realize that when the economy is at its worst, people do not care about friends or even their own family, only about themselves and their almighty GOD, MONEY, more than human life itself. I have given up and just wait each day until the day I finally die and escape this life of hell that was caused by trusting others.
—Guest Johnny

I Reached Out And Finally Some Hope!

I took the advice of someone here who said 'reach out to family & friends for help'. I didn't ASK for help per se, but I let family members know how truly desperate my financial situation was. With 4 siblings over 50 and better off financially, one said "You'll figure it out-Good Luck" but one said, "We are sending you a check". I wept with joy as we are looking at the utilities being shut off, no cash for food/gas/car ins/other bills. I don't have a clue what I will receive, but I am THANKFUL for whatever I receive. I am like others who don't know what to do, spend my time applying for jobs hoping to be hired, or sit all day in the office that distributes cash aid and food stamps, not enough to live on but better than nothing like I have now (takes 6 wks to receive?). Shorten your resume to show only the last 5-6 yrs of employment to "appear younger", I did this and had 3 interviews yesterday back to back. Majority of interviews come from Craigslist posting for jobs. Call 211 for help!
—Guest Carrie

My Unemployment is Almost Done

Well I actually lost my job 7moths ago. I was accused of something I wasn't present to do and wasn't cleared of the allegation until 3-4months later. In that time, my brother lost his job. We both were jobless, in that time were 2months behind in rent and utilities. We were evicted and to top that off we had to sleep in our car with our mother who had a bladder infection from having to coil up in the car each nite. I'm hurt and ashamed that I can't get a better job to help our lives. My brother finally found a good paying job, but the we are always at a crossroads; either pay for the apartment, or pay the utilities and go without the apartment until next check. Cleaning ourselves is the hardest, but we go to the pool and maintain gym bill to have that access. But we both feel hurt and sad that we live a in a system that won't even helps us just because we are adults with no children? My unemployment took me 4-5months to get, now it's almost over. what to do?
—Guest P1980

50+ and "Dead" to the Working World

Age Discrimination has reared its ugly head. As a single mom for 15 years, I have a lot to offer companies from previous job experience and skills (working full-time for the last 34 yrs.). Still they don't want me, they want the young 20 and 30 year olds & fresh out of the universities. My unemployment was exhausted 7 mos ago, I cashed in my small retirement and now that's gone too. My parents are only ones in the family who have helped us to keep a roof overhead, others have turned their backs. I have to sell the few things of value I have left, the only items I have left to pass down to my children, to keep the utilities on. We never turned the heat on once this winter, and instead got a small utility heater and all sat around it in the livingroom, then just bundled up in bed, sleeping with a hat on our heads to keep us warm on 30 degree nites, and that's in Calif! I can't imagine what others in the east do! I shortened my resume to appear younger, at least I'm getting calls now. I will shine at the interview! God Bless!
—Guest Carrie

No Help For Over 50

Gosh, it is so depressing reading all these responses. I know how each feels though, as I am over 50, and unable to find work. Or sure, I look great, like one other participant mentioned, but get real, Google is out there. If you type in your name, right smack at the top is your age. And, with the rising cost of healthcare, especially if you are over 50, who would want to hire us? We are expensive, we have little time left compared to a 30 something "skinny thing" and we may not be worth the effort of training when you look at the years we have till SSI. Oh, I know what you're thinking, I can work 20 more years! Well, me too, but the reality is 62 is right around the corner for most of us, and regardless of what we feel, the company officials feel differently when you are interviewing and below that age level. My heart goes out to everyone out there. I am in the same predicament and just can't find anything. Hundreds and hundreds of resumes, and only 2 job interviews!

Standing on The Edge Sanity

I lost my JOB on 17 Dec. 2010 and have been looking for a replacement without success. Since the age of 14, I've worked all my life and never once asked a single thing from the Government until now. I've been on unemployment. That is, until 3 weeks ago, when it suddenly ran out. I'm 60 years old and due to all the worry and stress, wound up in the hospital with a Pulmonary Embolism as well as, two times for pneumonia. During all this, I've still tried to have a positive attitude and continued to look for work under my newly aquired health conditions. If you think it's hard to find a JOB when you're 60, then you should try finding one when you also have a health problem.I've lost my car, my friends, my family, my health, my savings and now it looks like losing my house is next to go. No, maybe my sanity will go next and the rest won't even matter anymore. I'm just like millions out there that are about ready to give up.
—Guest Michael

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