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Readers Respond: Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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What to do when unemployment runs out? Where you can you get help when you're out of unemployment benefits? How can you job search with limited resources? Here's advice on what to do when you're out of unemployment, plus share your advice to help job seekers who are running out of benefits and are in need of assistance. Share Your Advice

Don't wait til the last minute...

Before you get your last check, sit down and decide which amenities you can live without for now. Don't wait til you're owing your cable bill for last month and can't pay it this month either. Go ahead and cut off the cable now. You can watch so many shows online now. Or at least call and see if you can be put on a special promotional package from your cable company. If you take care of down-sizing now, that takes some stress off you, and decreasing stress is one of the best things you can do for yourself right now.

Agencies and Organizations

Check with your local One-Stop -- this is a link for locating one in your area: http://www.servicelocator.org/ --they often have information on many local resources such as community organization that may be able to offer support with utility bills, food costs, etc. One-Stops might also have information on temporary positions (in addition to permanent or long-term job listings and possible assistance with upgrading skills/obtaining training to increase the job seeker's marketability). Look for a job club in your area and join one that is a good fit for your needs. Job clubs are usually free to join and can be great for creating a supportive environment, mutual support and accountability (you're much more likely to make that networking call if you know you'll be asked how it went next week!), as well as leads fellow job seekers learn about. Shahrzad Arasteh Career Consulting Services

Temp agencies/church/home-sharing

Apply for short-term gigs via temp agencies. Apply for job retraining assistance; from what I've read this 'may' even help you qualify for additional unemployment benefits. If a church member, speak to your pastor/minister about your situation/seek assistance. If you have the capacity in your home, consider 'home-sharing/renting of space' to defray rental/mortgage costs.
—Guest Jacqui Poindexter

Ask for Help

Don't be afraid to ask for help from friends and family - even if it's painful to ask, it can get you through tough times.
—Guest Sandara Miller

Crying and Don't Know What to Do

Can some one tell me how and what they did to get back on your feet? PLEASE
—Guest yolanda

Faith, Plan, Positive Attitude

I am in my mid forties, have 3 children, and have been laid off by my company. I have a great resume but am not getting any callbacks. It's bizarre. I feel like a leper. I keep telling myself that the most important thing is that my family and I have our health, but this is depressing. Anyway, I am going to stay positive and try to get through this. Best to keep the faith, have a plan, and a positive attitude. I wish everyone the best - I can certainly relate.
—Guest DonGuest

Unemployment Running Out

I'm a 32 year old single mom. Got laid off September 2013. I got unemployment but now I'm on the last two checks. It is impossible to find a job in six months in the Inland Empire, CA. I have 18 years of solid work experience. Unfortunately, I didn't finish college 10 years ago. I've got medical bills, car payment, etc. My ex does not pay child support and now he's getting laid off. I'm left with nothing except a roof over our heads, thanks to loving parents, but they can't support us. I got denied for food stamps and medi-cal, luckily my son was approved for medi-cal. I dont know what to do anymore. I'm depressed and on anti-depressants. There is no more American Dream. I'm in desperate need of help.
—Guest Kelnlle7

Keeping the Faith is Hard

My 6 month unemployment ran out and now I'm about to lose my car. My mom has lung cancer and she's stressing already. I have never been on unemployment and the very time we need help we cannot get it. I'm lost, scared, hurt, confused, regretful, and just a all around mess. I hope things get better for us all. Keeping the faith is hard.
—Guest hard out here

Clean Out Our Government

I can't believe what is happening right in front of our eyes. I agree we the people need to ALL go out and vote "NONE OF THE ABOVE"! But that's not reality so what can we do? Do we have to just sit back and eat whatever our government, the very people we voted in, and bear it? Really what can we so. How do you over through the government? And yes why is it that they always have money to help other countries but not our own backyard! They talk and talk and talk and talk about "THE BUDGET. Where is the budget to giving to other countries? I believe in helping others BUT it's like a mother and child with only one piece of bread left. Who should eat it? The human side would say the child but in reality he mother should eat it in order to have the strength to go out and get food for them both! Anyway we are all but a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of the Government and I guess we just have to take whatever THEY DECiDE we should get! God bless us and keep us.
—Guest Thinking the same thing

We the People???????

I love my country BUT....does it love the middle class? I don't feel like it does, the rich get rich and the middle class get poorer. What is wrong with this picture? I pray that the Republicans and Democrats will wake up before we become a third world country which doesn't look like too far down the road. Wake up Uncle Sam. LIke everyone else on this web-page I am also unemployed and frustrated. We will survive BUT we shouldn't have to worry on a daily basis about simple things like a roof over our heads and just the basic things of life. GOD BLESS AMERICA WE NEED IT!!!!
—Guest I feel Like I Don't Have One

The Unemployment Rate is False

Why are people posting here that the unemployment rate is 7%? We are told that is the figure for obvious reasons. 7% ONLY includes those currently receiving unemployment benefits, not the workers who have stopped receiving their benefits. The true unemployment rate is around 20%. Do a search yourselves and check it out.

Unemployment Expired

I have worked all my life and never drew unemployment until this last year. My company went out of business with no notice to us. I am 57 years old and have been looking for jobs every week. Now I have no gas, no food, and hope is fading fast. I hate to ask for any help so it was hard for me to go apply for food stamps. I also have battled cancer and won the first time with the help of medical marijuana. SC needs to legalize it and there would be plenty of jobs and no need for anyone to be suffering moneywise or health wise !!! Wake up America !!!
—Guest Babs

Over 55, Female and No College Degree

After working my entire life, being promoted to high level positions in every job I held I now find I can't get a simple administrative job. Six months UI doesn't give anyone time to find a job in today's market. I'm hard working and want to work but I can't even get an answer to applications.
—Guest TS

Obama You Feeling This?

Reading through these post draws tears in my eyes. We need to stop these employers from hiring foreigners that are taking all our jobs: petitions.whitehouse (dot) gov/petition/americans-need-our-jobs-stop-employers-hire-immigrants/srKzT2M6 Its just a start but, am only one voice but together can we save America. Don't cha think? DOES ANYONE SPEAK ENGLISH ANYMORE?
—Guest another day

What Do They Mean by Overqualified?

This entire thing about not offering a job because you are overqualified and might leave. Give me a break. If I could get a better job I certainly would not be applying for this one. And there are no "better jobs." Do these HR people really have a clue to how bad it is out there. Yet, the stock market and Wall Street roars. I have come to the conclusion that firms that want to lay off (most of them to make even more profit) should be required to pay 90 day severance and health and one week per year after that (so they avoid going after older workers and what were loyal workers). Companies that hire the unemployed should get a tax credit and an even higher one for hiring the long term unemployed. And by the way, that computer system a company has. A smart person could learn it in three days but the recruiters for some reason think its impossible to learn anything simple today. We need to take this country back from greedy plutocrats and corporations. If not, we all are doomed.

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Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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